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Jonathan Pichards anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Waldgeflüster Unter bronzenen Kronen 5/10
Def/Light Terror/Erebus 7/10
Moonlight Sorcery Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle 9/10
Enterré Vivant 四元素 (Shigenso) 8/10
Hammerfilosofi The Desolate One 3/10
Primordial How It Ends 5/10
Antrisch Expedition II: Die Passage 8/10
Mayhem Demonic Rites 8/10
Finsterforst Jenseits 8/10
Ashtar Wandering Through Time 2/10
Uada Crepuscule Natura 7/10
Dymna Lotva Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі: Кроў 7/10
Dethklok Dethalbum IV 6/10
Taake Et Hav av Avstand 7/10
Marduk Memento Mori 7/10
Skálmöld Ýdalir 7/10
Urbain A Soul Purged 8/10
Poison Ruïn Härvest 6/10
Runespell Shores of Náströnd 6/10
Sarmat Determined To Strike 5/10
Sworn (NO) A Journey Told Through Fire 8/10
Tsjuder Helvegr 5/10
Blackbraid Blackbraid II 7/10
Diablation Par Le Feu 8/10
Eisenkult Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik 7/10
Minas Morgul Nebelung 5/10
Passéisme Alternance 8/10
Thy Catafalque Alfö​ld 8/10
Ruïm Black Royal Spiritism - I​.​ O Sino da Igreja 7/10
Kalmah Kalmah 4/10
Asenheim Nibelungenblut 7/10
Gloryhammer Return to the Kingdom of Fife 7/10
Horn 20 Jahre 7/10
Cloak Black Flame Eternal 8/10
Thulcandra Hail the Abyss 4/10
Non Est Deus Legacy 4/10
Immortal War Against All 7/10
MORK Dypet 8/10
Chronicle Where Chaos Thrives 7/10
Cattle Decapitation Terrasite 7/10
Blaze of Sorrow Vultus Fati 5/10
Angus McSix Angus McSix and the Sword of Power 4/10
Metallica 72 Seasons 7/10
Aara Triade III: Nyx 8/10
Foretoken Triumphs 7/10
Häxanu Totenpass 5/10
Keep Of Kalessin Kartharsis 5/10
Lamp of Murmuur Saturnian Bloodstorm 8/10
Xalpen The Curse Of Kwányep 2/10
Minenwerfer Feuerwalze 5/10
Entheos Time Will Take Us All 5/10
Heaven's Damnation Heaven's Damnation 8/10
Dream Upon Tombs Palaces of Dust 3/10
Funeral Winds Stigmata Mali 4/10
Air Raid Fatal Encounter 3/10
Cult of Fire Om Kali Maha Kali 6/10
Tryglav The Ritual 7/10
Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags 9/10
Firienholt White Frost and Elder Blood 7/10
...and Oceans As in Gardens, So in Tombs 7/10
Prognan Naši životi više ne postoje 8/10
Høstsol Länge Leve Döden 5/10
Skratte Akt II: Des Wolfes Klagen 9/10
Leiþa Reue 7/10
The Gauntlet Dark Steel and Fire 7/10
Grá Lycaon 6/10
Satanic Warmaster Aamongandr 6/10
GRAVA Weight of a God 3/10
Kanonenfieber Der Füsilier 7/10
Aara Phthonos 9/10
Goatwhore Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven 8/10
Gaerea Mirage 8/10
Steel Inferno Evil Reign 8/10
Aeternam Heir of the Rising Sun 8/10
The HU Rumble Of Thunder 5/10
Blackbraid Blackbraid I 6/10
Behemoth Opvs Contra Natvram 5/10
Defacing God The Resurrection of Lilith 6/10
Conjurer Páthos 6/10
Midnight (US) Let There Be Witchery 7/10
Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army 6/10
Arch Enemy Deceivers 5/10
Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition - Chapter III: The Astral Drain 4/10
Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstasy 5/10
White Ward False Light 8/10
Saor Origins 8/10
Alestorm Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum 5/10
Vital Spirit Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind 7/10
Xaon The Lethean 6/10
Tómarúm Ash in Realms of Stone Icons 9/10
Urkraft The True Protagonist 5/10
Kreator Hate Über Alles 5/10
Septicflesh Modern Primitive 5/10
Aara Triade II: Hemera 6/10
Heidra To Hell Or Kingdom Come 6/10
Te Ruki Marako Te Ruki 7/10
Djevelkult Drep Alle Guder 3/10
Ibaraki Rashomon 5/10
The Dark Overlords Darkpocalypse 3/10
Sidus Atrum Spiral of Life 7/10
Sakis Tolis Among the Fires of Hell 7/10
Lamentari Clavis Aurea 9/10
Kvaen The Great Below 9/10
Kanonenfieber Yankee Division 7/10
Holyarrow 大員合戰 (The Siege of Fort Zeelandia) 8/10
Heltekvad Morgenrødens Helvedesherre 7/10
Véhémence Ordalies 9/10
Ghost Impera 4/10
Sabaton The War To End All Wars 8/10
Svartsot Kumbl 5/10
Pestilength Basom Gryphos 2/10
Pure Wrath Hymn to the Woeful Hearts 8/10
Zeal & Ardor Zeal & Ardor 8/10
Tugt Ved Lysets Ophør 6/10
Sarcasm Stellar Stream Obscured 5/10
Ereb Altor Vargtimman 8/10
Dold Vorde Ens Navn Mørkere 5/10
Archgoat Worship the Eternal Darkness 6/10
Fluisteraars Gegrepen door de geest der zielsontluiking 2/10
Bizarrekult Vi overlevde 7/10
Dauþuz Vom schwarzen Schmied 8/10
Be'lakor Coherence 6/10
Me and That Man New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2 3/10
Bornholm Apotheosis 7/10
Gaahls Wyrd The Humming Mountain 5/10
Omnium Gatherum Origin 4/10
Sinnrs Detrahamus 4/10
Havukruunu Kuu erkylän yllä 6/10
1914 Where Fear and Weapons Meet 10/10
Envig Gutwound 7/10
Livløs And Then There Were None 8/10
Cradle of Filth Existence Is Futile 7/10
Orbit Culture Shaman 5/10
Hate Rugia 6/10
Trivium In the Court of the Dragon 4/10
Black Mass Feast at the Forbidden Tree 8/10
LLNN Unmaker 7/10
Feral Lord Purity of Corruption 3/10
Insomnium Argent Moon 7/10
Carcass Torn Arteries 6/10
Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell 7/10
Wolves In The Throne Room Primordial Arcana 5/10
Deafheaven Infinite Granite 2/10
Groza The Redemptive End 6/10
Behemoth Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) 4/10
GosT Rites Of Love And Reverence 5/10
Powerwolf Call of the Wild 4/10
WIZARDTHRONE Hypercube Necrodimensions 8/10
Saxtorph When Depression Devastates The Dreams 7/10
Path Of Destiny The Seed Of All Evil 3/10
Noctule Wretched Abyss 8/10
At The Gates The Nightmare of Being 4/10
Darkthrone Eternal Hails...... 6/10
Crypts Of Despair All Light Swallowed 3/10
Skratte Akt 1: Ein Feuer Entfacht 10/10
Violet Cold Empire of Love 8/10
Wythersake Antiquity 7/10
Ereb Altor Eldens Boning 3/10
Seth La Morsure du Christ 5/10
Hevilan Symphony of Good and Evil 2/10
Sylvatica Ashes and Snow 8/10
Vreid Wild North West 3/10
Bodom After Midnight Paint the Sky with Blood 7/10
Perennial Isolation Portraits 8/10
Decline of the I Johannes 9/10
Dvne Etemen Ænka 8/10
Aversed Impermanent 4/10
Sunnata Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth 4/10
White Void Anti 2/10
Nine Treasures Awakening from Dukkha 8/10
Orden Ogan Final Days 5/10
Ildskær Paa Dækket Kalder De Døde 9/10
Los Males Del Mundo Descent Towards Death 5/10
Kanonenfieber Menschenmühle 9/10
Moonspell Hermitage 2/10
Red Cain Kindred: Act II 3/10
Need Norchestrion: a song for the end 6/10
Steel Inferno And the Earth Stood Still 6/10
Udånde Life of a Purist 7/10
The Dark Overlords I Am The Dark Overlords 8/10
Epica Omega 7/10
YOTH IRIA As The Flame Withers 7/10
Harakiri for the Sky Mære 6/10
Gates of Doom Aquileia Mater Aeterna 7/10
Lotan Nihil sacrum 4/10
Cirith Ungol Forever Black 7/10
Genus Ordinis Dei Glare of Deliverance 3/10
Ceremonial Castings Salem 1692 (MMXX) 6/10
Inquisition Black Mass for a Mass Grave 5/10
Tombs Under Sullen Skies 7/10
Dark Tranquillity Moment 8/10
Scour Black 6/10
Carcass Despicable 7/10
Mors Principium Est Seven 8/10
Benediction Scriptures 6/10
Bergeton Miami Murder 7/10
Zeal & Ardor Wake of a Nation 5/10
Finntroll Vredesvävd 5/10
Khors Where the Word Acquires Eternity 8/10
Anaal Nathrakh Endarkenment 9/10
Uada Djinn 9/10
Havukruunu Uinuos Syömein Sota 8/10
Carnation Where Death Lies 7/10
Cult of Lilith Mara 8/10
Sunken Livslede 7/10
Nonexist Like The Fearless Hunter 5/10
Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden 8/10
Ildskær Den Rædsomste Nat 7/10
Dead Lord SURRENDER 6/10
Batushka Raskol 7/10
Septicflesh Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX 7/10
Defeated Sanity The Sanguinary Impetus 5/10
Gaerea Limbo 10/10
Khthoniik Cerviiks Æequiizoiikum 5/10
Ensiferum Thalassic 3/10
Dauþuz Grubenfall 1727 7/10
CREATURE Ex Cathedra 7/10
Exocrine Maelstrom 5/10
Insatanity Hymns Of The Gods Before 4/10
Azziard Liber Secondus - Exégèse 8/10
Carach Angren Franckensteina Strataemontanus 3/10
Behemoth A Forest 5/10
Alestorm Curse of the Crystal Coconut 8/10
Exgenesis Solve et Coagula 6/10
Voodoo Gods The Divinity of Blood 8/10
Æther Realm Redneck Vikings from Hell 9/10
Nuclear Winter Stormscapes 7/10
Naglfar CERECLOTH 7/10
From the Vastlands The Haft Khan 6/10
Warbringer Weapons of Tomorrow 4/10
Trivium What The Dead Men Say 7/10
(0) SkamHan 5/10
Oranssi Pazuzu Mestarin kynsi 4/10
Psy:code Persona 4/10
Luctus Užribis 7/10
Idaslet Lurernes Glammen 6/10
Me and That Man New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1 6/10
Wayward Dawn Haven of Lies 5/10
Igorrr Spirituality And Distortion 7/10
Burzum Thûlean Mysteries 2/10
Redwood Hill Ender 7/10
Chronicle Demonology 9/10
Almanac Rush of Death 3/10
Five Finger Death Punch F8 3/10
Lamentari Missa Pro Defunctis 9/10
Ihsahn Telemark 5/10
Lordi Killection 3/10
God Dethroned Illuminati 8/10
Svart Crown Wolves Among the Ashes 8/10
Genfærd Blodhævn 8/10
L'Homme Absurde Belong 7/10
Cattle Decapitation Death Atlas 8/10
Dawn of Disease Procession of Ghosts 4/10
Ættir Ættir 6/10
Alcest Spiritual Instinct 9/10
Mayhem Daemon 9/10
Denial Of God The Hallow Mass 5/10
The Shaking Sensations How Are We To Fight the Blight? 5/10
Insomnium Heart Like a Grave 8/10
Borknagar True North 6/10
Imperium Dekadenz When We Are Forgotten 8/10
Slutvomit Copulation of Cloven Hooves 4/10
Elvenking Reader of the Runes 6/10
Parzival The Golden Bough 4/10
The HU The Gereg 7/10
Kurgan Yggdrasil Burns 7/10
Sorcery Necessary Excess of Violence 5/10
Equilibrium Renegades 7/10
Killswitch Engage Atonement 6/10
Pijn & Conjurer Curse these Metal Hands 9/10
Mindmare Psychotic Regression 6/10
A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man First Light 2/10
Majesty Legends 1/10
Sabaton The Great War 7/10
Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition, Chapter I: War, Horrid War 8/10
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution) 5/10
Denial Of God The Shapeless Mass 7/10
Abbath Outstrider 7/10
Axenstar End of All Hope 3/10
Funeral Storm Arcane Mysteries 2/10
Nocturnal Witch A Thousand Pyres 2/10
Gloryhammer Legends from Beyond the Galactic 8/10
BloodBound Rise Of The Dragon Empire 3/10
Vader Thy Messenger 4/10
Sol Sistere Extinguished Cold Light 5/10
Fleshgod Apocalypse Veleno 9/10
Tengger Cavalry Northern Memory 7/10
Istapp The Insidious Star 3/10
Aphyxion Void 9/10
Amon Amarth Berserker 5/10
Zeal & Ardor Live in London 8/10
Xaon Solipsis 10/10
Violet Cold kOsmik 7/10
Battle Beast No More Hollywood Endings 2/10
VLTIMAS Something Wicked Marches In 8/10
Numenorean Adore 8/10
Eluveitie Ategnatos 10/10
NYOS Now. 2/10
Mechanical God Creation The New Chapter 4/10
Cellar Darling The Spell 6/10
Redwolves Future Becomes Past 5/10
Saor Forgotten Paths 8/10
Children of Bodom Hexed 6/10
Rhapsody of Fire The Eighth Mountain 4/10
Il y a Il y a 6/10
Furor Gallico Dusk Of The Ages 7/10
Vanir Allfather 8/10
Arch Enemy Covered in Blood 3/10
Wolfhorde Hounds of Perdition 8/10
Venom Storm the Gates 6/10
Heidra The Blackening Tide 5/10
Suidakra Cimbric Yarns 2/10
Allegiance Beyond The Black Wave 3/10
Sinnrs Profound 8/10
Kalidia The Frozen Throne 2/10
Unleashed The Hunt For White Christ 6/10
Nothgard Malady X 4/10
Arsis Visitant 8/10
P.O.D. Circles 4/10
Solium Fatalis Genetically Engineered to Enslave 7/10
Mongol The Return 5/10
Immortal Guardian Age of Revolution 4/10
Slægt The Wheel 8/10
Adam Darski Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane: Behemoth And Beyond 5/10
Behemoth I Loved You At Your Darkest 7/10
Lords of Chaos (film) Lords of Chaos 7/10
Hyperdontia Nexus of Teeth 6/10
Dragonlord Dominion 7/10
Krisiun Scourge of the Enthroned 9/10
Primal Fear Apocalypse 6/10
Tomb of Finland Frozen Beneath 5/10
Wayward Dawn Soil Organic Matter 7/10
Muldjord A Cascade of Eventualities 7/10
Omnium Gatherum The Burning Cold 9/10
Doro Forever Warriors 4/10
Decline of the I Escape 8/10
Dying Awkward Angel Absence Of Light 4/10
Hatchet Dying To Exist 6/10
Obscura Diluvium 8/10
(0) (0) 8/10
Panegyrist Hierurgy 5/10
Suotana Land Of The Ending Time 7/10
Stortregn Emptiness Fills The Void 6/10
Zeal & Ardor Stranger Fruit 9/10
Down Among The Dead Men ...And You Will Obey Me 7/10
The Black Sorcery And The Beast Spake Death From Above 3/10
Red Sun Rising Thread 5/10
Celtachor Fiannaíocht 6/10
At The Gates To Drink from The Night Itself 6/10
Gruesome Twisted Prayers 8/10
Crystal Ball Crystallizer 6/10
Profane Burial The Rosewater Park Legend 8/10
Scandic Tribe Light At The End 2/10
Amorphis Queen Of Time 9/10
Fractal Gates The Light That Shines 9/10
Kalmah Palo 7/10
Behemoth Messe Noir: Live Satanist 9/10
Eldritch Cracksleep 5/10
The Crown Cobra Speed Venom 9/10
Barbarian Prophecies Origin 9/10
Circle of Silence The Crimson Throne 8/10
Usurpress Interregnum 9/10
Morbosidad Corona de Epidemia 3/10
Cadaver Putrefacto La Maldicion del Zombi Errante 7/10
Armored Dawn Barbarians In Black 6/10
Ulvegr Vargkult 7/10
Hautajaisyö Matkalla Kohti Hautaa 7/10
Tengger Cavalry Cian Bi 7/10
Rivers Of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name 6/10
Final Hour Final Hour 9/10
Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt 7/10
Inquisitor Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery 8/10
Therion Beloved Antichrist 2/10
Degial Predator Reign 4/10
Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse 7/10
Zeal & Ardor Devil Is Fine 7/10
Cloak To Venomous Depths 10/10
Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained 6/10
Obscurity Streitmacht 8/10
Rabid Bitch Of The North Nothing But A Bitter Taste 1/10
The Ferrymen The Ferrymen 5/10
Moonspell 1755 10/10
Dead Asylum Death Always Wins 6/10
Act Of Defiance Old Scars, New Wounds 8/10
Nature G Stereotyping 9/10
Dawn of Disease Ascension Gate 9/10
Impalers The Celestial Dictator 7/10
Ensiferum Two Paths 9/10
Arch Enemy Will to Power 7/10
Brendon Small Brendon Small's Galaktikon II: Become the Storm 9/10
Eluveitie Evocation II - Pantheon 7/10
God Dethroned The World Ablaze 9/10
Avelion llusion Of Transparency 7/10
Stormhammer Welcome To The End 4/10
Arthemis Blood-Fury-Domination 9/10
Cellar Darling This Is The Sound 8/10
Igorrr Savage Sinusoid 9/10
Tengger Cavalry Die on My Ride 7/10
Iced Earth Incorruptible 5/10
The Loom of Time NihilReich 10/10
Olvido Cupido mors 8/10
Deus Otiosus Opposer 10/10
Prime Creation Prime Creation 5/10
Memoriam For The Fallen 3/10
Revel In Flesh Emissary Of All Plagues 7/10
Tengger Cavalry Cavalry in Thousands 10/10
Deadlock Hybris 7/10
Delain Moonbathers 5/10
Nothgard The Sinner's Sake 9/10
Metallica Hardwired... to Self-Destruct 8/10
Dark Tranquillity Atoma 10/10
Cybecore Identity 3/10
Running Wild Rapid Foray 7/10
Bloody Hammers Lovely Sort of Death 6/10
Sodom Decision Day 10/10
Athorn Necropolis 4/10
Equilibrium Armageddon 6/10
Genus Ordinis Dei EP 8/10
Green Death Manufacturing Evil 5/10
Zakk Wylde Book Of Shadows II 8/10
Backdawn I Shall Burn Your Empire 8/10
Atrament Eternal Downfall 3/10
Ravenia Beyond The Walls Of Death 4/10
Amon Amarth Jomsviking 8/10
Worship of Keres Bloodhounds for Oblivion 3/10

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