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Dato Koncert
Church of Misery, Vokonis
Kvaen, Lotan
Cam Cole
Evil Invaders, Warbringer, Schizophrenia
Left to Die, Detest
I'll Be Damned
(0), Dying Hydra
Maceration, Black Tritonus
Imonolith, Ascend The Hollow
Dirt Forge, Danefae

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
CMF 2021 - Endarken
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CMF 2021 - Iotunn: CMF 2021 - Iotunn
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CMF 2021 - Persecutor
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CMF 2021 - EYES
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Katla, Lyzaar
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Club Demonic VII: Tilvidør, Forced Ingestion, Train Of Pain Læs reportage
Club Demonic V: Katla, Mental Coma, Sick Lore Læs reportage
Club Demonic III: Betrayer of Light, 3XB, Sparkhouse Læs reportage
Club Demonic II: Kaiju, Lost FM Radio Band, Septic Congestion Læs reportage
David Ellefson, Artillery
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Chrome Division, Virginia Hill
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MØL, Nordsind
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- Dirty Days of Summer vol. VII: Velvet Volume, Death Alley, Road To Jerusalem, Firespawn, BAEST, Deadnate, We Are The Catalyst, Forever Still, Ethereal Kingdoms
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Jinjer, Khroma
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Killing Gandhi, JustinHate
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Ghost Iris, Cold Black
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Satan Takes a Holiday, The Yeah Force
Læs anmeldelse
Aphyxion, Billy Boy In Poison, Contrition
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Rotting Christ, Inquisition, Schammasch, Mystifier
Læs anmeldelse
Rotting Christ, Inquisition, Schammasch, Mystifier
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Dying Fetus, The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Ghost Bath
Læs anmeldelse
Dying Fetus, The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Ghost Bath
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Voivod, Illdisposed
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Corrosion of Conformity
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Scorpion Child, Horisont, Jackson Firebird
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The Interbeing, The Fewd
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Artillery, Black Tritonus
Hyperdontia, Septage, Imperious Mortality
Sylvaine, Fvnerals
METALITY Copenhagen: MØL
Skraeckoedlan, GRAVA
Dread Sovereign, The Flight Of Sleipnir Aflyst
Skelethal, Outre-Tombe
Spectral Wound, Hellripper
RED, Keith Wallen
Panopticon, Grift
Ektomorf, Corbain, Nox Sinister, Systemhouse33
Integrity, Eyes of a Dreamer
Seventh Wonder, Lastera
Fear of Domination, Rave the Reqviem, Detset
HateSphere, Thorium
Nashville Pussy, The City Kids
Unearthed Morbidity Day 1: Mephitic Corpse, Miasmatic Necrosis, Septage, Undergang
Anti Ritual, Nyt Liv, We Are Among Storms
Undergang, Deiquisitor, Phrenelith
Demilich, Chaotian
Temple of Void, Solothus
Smash Into Pieces, Scarlet
Djevel, Gespenst
Sinister, Discipel
Agrimonia, Swordwielder
Obliteration, Bastard Grave
Revenge, Embrace of Thorns, Misþyrming, Ultra Silvam Aflyst
Fear of Domination, Rave the Reqviem, Detset Aflyst
Billy Boy In Poison, CLIENTS, Hanging The Nihilist
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 14: UxDxS, Septage
Tony MacAlpine Aflyst
CLIENTS, Billy Boy In Poison, Hanging The Nihilist Aflyst
Arcturus, Iotunn Aflyst
Konkhra, Lilithian
Shaam Larein, Offermose
Orange Goblin, Burner
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 13: Undergang, Discipel
Dread Sovereign, The Flight Of Sleipnir Aflyst
Emanzipation Death Fest 2021: Tardus Mortem, Thorium, Creeping Flesh, Detest Aflyst
Arena Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 11: Deiquisitor, Phrenelith
Ektomorf, Systemhouse33, X-Method Aflyst
Winterfylleth, Panopticon, Alda Aflyst
Franklin Zoo, Dead Man Lee
Gabestok, Nigrum
Hexis, A Crow's Murder
Alkymist, Pafund
Lucid Grave, Late Night Venture
Offermose, Son of Seth
Nordsind, Foreshadower
RIOT SUN, Before Fire, Rise Upon
Svartsot, Idaslet
Ghost Iris
Revenge, Profanatica, Misþyrming, Ultra Silvam Aflyst
Hexis, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
RIOT SUN, Before Fire, Rise Upon Aflyst
Sunken, Glemsel Aflyst
Sunken, Throwe Aflyst
Nordsind Aflyst
Tony MacAlpine Aflyst
Hearteater Aflyst
Lucid Grave, Late Night Venture Aflyst
South Haven Aflyst
Sunken Aflyst
Sunken, Throwe Aflyst
Alkymist Aflyst
Svartsot, Idaslet Aflyst
- Emanzipation Death Fest: Toxaemia, Detest, Arsenic Addict, Puteraeon, Turbocharged, Shadowspawn Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 8: Ascendency (DK), Tardus Mortem Aflyst
Wayward Dawn, Bloodgutter
Morild, HIRAKI
DETHRXNER, We Are Among Storms
Iron Fire, Heidra
Arena Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 7: Strychnos, Taphos
Junkyard Drive
- Black N Death Fest: Misþyrming, Andavald, Severoth, Chaotian, Carnation, Feral, Defacement, Thy Dying Light, Vredehammer Aflyst
Winterfylleth, Panopticon, Alda Aflyst
The Boy That Got Away, Son of Fortune
Hola Ghost, Stormtroopers of Love
Nashville Pussy Aflyst
WOA Metal Battle 2020 - Finale: TBA Aflyst
The Shaking Sensations, Ranges, Astodan Aflyst
Blended Brew Aflyst
The Boy That Got Away, Son of Fortune Aflyst
Like a Storm, Devilskin Aflyst
Cult Leader, ROT AWAY Aflyst
Night Fever, Cesspool Aflyst
H.E.R.O., A Road To Damascus Aflyst
Sibiir, Nordsind
GosT, Svart Crown
Rhapsody of Fire, The Unity, Skeletoon
Dawn Of Demise, Taphos
Natjager, Danger of Men, Bug Chaser
MudMusic: Dead Witch
Hexvessel Aflyst
Prime is Coming 2020 Part II: MØL, Aphyxion, Cartographs, Tainted Lady
Prime is Coming 2020 Part I: The Interbeing, The Vision Ablaze, South Haven
Smash Into Pieces
Imminence, The Oklahoma Kid, Hanging The Nihilist
Konkhra, Detest
Employed to Serve, Eyes
Club Demonic VI: Social Addiction, Scratch From Inside, RAMBUK
Being As An Ocean, Dream State, Novelists FR
Hearteater, Feather Mountain, Hanging The Nihilist
Corroded, MILE
Dopelord, Zaum, Dirt Forge
Cellar Darling, Forever Still
Black Peaks Aflyst
Ivy Crown, Between Oceans, Rising Insane
Club Demonic VI: Social Addiction, Scratch From Inside Aflyst
Dead Letter Circus, Siamese, Daze of June
Saint Agnes Aflyst
Alkymist, Dying Hydra, Bethmoora
Seven Thorns, Ethereal Kingdoms
Club Demonic IV: CRYOSPHERE, Demolizer, Arsenic Addict
The Interbeing, Cold Night for Alligators
Dawn Of Demise, BLOOD EAGLE
The Picturebooks
Screamer, Pectora
Impalers, Electric Hellride, Lifesick
Skraeckoedlan, Vokonis
Blood Youth, Parting Gift
Normandie, Sun Arcana
Bloodshot Dawn, Virvum
The Dogs
HIRAKI, Oxx, Telos, We Are Among Storms
Cartographs, Morild, Regarding Ambiguity
Sirenia, Alight, Eloyse
Club Demonic I: Kami, Fail to Die, Psycolia
Thorium, Detest, Shadowspawn
Seventh Wonder, Seven Thorns
Lucifer, Skinny Violet
Hamferð, Svartmálm
Pudsige Herrer, Farlige Typer, Gravedog
soup, Celestial Son
Betraying The Martyrs, Ghost Iris
Cabal, Unseen Faith
Caligula's Horse, CIRCLES, I Built The Sky
RUSK Festival 2018: Gravedog, Necrosis, Second to Last, Kisamo
Spiders, Night Viper
Royal Hunt
Entombed A.D., Rising
Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge
Horisont, Dead Lord
Icon for Hire, Riot Child
Ghost Iris, Fight The Fight, Aviana
Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge
All Pigs Must Die, Une Misère
Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mental Coma Aflyst
Seven Thorns, Kambrium
Anvil, Trance, Spitfire
RavenEye, Psycho Village
Demon Head, Wölfblood
MAD NIGHT VOL. 3: Psy:code, Wrath of Belial, Silent Fracture
Auðn, Sunken
Honeymoon Disease
Bersærk, Mono Type
Heidra, Genfærd, Cruelty's Heart
Faithful Darkness, Caro
Billy Boy In Poison
The Interbeing
The Boy That Got Away, Franklin Zoo
Orden Ogan, Rhapsody of Fire
Lo!, Alkymist
Electric Hellride
Vital Remains
Tau Cross, Konvent
Vader, Decapitated, Thy Disease
Crowbar, HateSphere
Tides From Nebula
Darkest Hour, Venom Prison
Wolverine, Until Rain, Lost In Thought
Nightstalker, De Forbandede
Flotsam And Jetsam , Pectora
Siberian Meat Grinder
Brutus (BE), Czar
Akani, Nyt Liv
Mike Tramp
Mike Tramp
The Dogs, Hola Ghost
Emmure, After The Burial, Fit For A King, Oceans Ate Alaska, Loathe Aflyst
A Sun Traverse,
Inacave, Spitanger
The Bones, Teenage Bottlerocket
Kampfar, Vreid, Dreamarcher
FOSSILS, Jet Black, Kambodsja
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Ne Obliviscaris, Oceans of Slumber
CJ Ramone, Skullclub
Bleached, Molly
Halshug, Bersærk, Cabal
Defeater, Giants
Horisont, Black Lung
Rotten Sound, Abigail Williams, Cult Leader
Electric Guitars
Karma to Burn
This Gift Is A Curse
I'll Be Damned, Franklin Zoo
Basement, Tigers Jaw
HateSphere, The Arcane Order, Aphyxion
Cancer Bats
Bersærk, Dirt Forge, Grusom, Slowjoint
Dagoba, Hammercult
Steak Number Eight
The Arcane Order, Spitanger
Bane, Code Orange
Ghost Iris
Atlas Losing Grip
Christian Mistress, Magister Templi
Piano Becomes the Teeth
Fu Manchu Aflyst
Grave Pleasures
The Vision Ablaze, Diamond Drive
Saturnus, Autumnal
Crowbar, Black Book Lodge, Dirt Forge
Toxic Holocaust, Essence, Impalers
La Dispute
Martyrdöd, Palm Reader
Peter Pan Speedrock
Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder
Off with Their Heads
Saint Rebel
Dead By April, dEMOTIONAL
Glamour of the Kill
By the Patient, Cacafogo
The Kandidate, Ruined, Czar
God Damn
Avatar, The Defiled, Eldrimner
Essence, Electric Hellride
Doomriders, Coliseum
The Ghost Inside
Negative Approach, Commie Cowboys - Beta - 17. september 2014
Deafheaven - Beta - 11. august 2014
Pet the Preacher
Church of Misery - Beta - 20. april 2014
The Interbeing, Black Book Lodge
Norma Jean
The Greenery
A Pale Horse Named Death
Suicidal Angels , Fueled By Fire, Lost Society
Iniquity, Ferocity
BlackShore, Kirkebrann
Mnemic, Diamond Drive
By the Patient, Solbrud
Kadavar, Devil , Below
Scarred by Beauty
Psycroptic, Dyscarnate, Hour Of Penance
Hawk Eyes - Beta - 16. august 2013
Orange Goblin
Club Sort Søndag: The Psyke Project, Anime Torment, - Beta - 18. maj 2013
Strife - Beta - 2. maj 2013
By the Patient, Electric Hellride
Empire Drowns, Altar of Oblivion
Bleeding Through, This Or The Apocalypse
Shadows Fall
Siamese Fighting Fish, Saint Rebel
Purified In Blood
Essence, Scarred by Beauty
Integrity (US), Rot In Hell (UK) - Beta - 23. februar 2012
Kylesa, KEN mode
Evil Masquerade
Chainfist, Black Succubi
The Kandidate, By the Patient