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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
SLET DET Krop & Sind 9/10
Decapitated Cancer Culture 9/10
Deathcrush Under Serpents Reign 5/10
Kadavermarch Into Oblivion 8/10
Deep Drive Human 7/10
Oddland Vermilion 5/10
Deadnate The North Sea 8/10
Venom Prison Erebos 8/10
Warpath Disharmonic Revelations 5/10
Earthless Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons 7/10
NervoChaos All Colors Of Darkness 7/10
Anders Molin Den Metalliske Sjæl 7/10
Lifesick Misanthropy 9/10
Unleashed No Sign of Life 7/10
Obscura A Valediction 9/10
Volbeat Servant Of The Mind 6/10
sickOmania sickOmania 5/10
The Crown Royal Destroyer 8/10
Dream Theater A View From the Top of the World 5/10
Deadnate The North Sea Pt. I 7/10
Situationsfornærmelse En Hurtig Omgang Dansk I 2'eren 6/10
Bloodphemy Blood Sacrifice 5/10
Franklin Zoo The Dandelion Child 8/10
Bokassa Molotov Rocktail 9/10
Aborted Maniacult 8/10
In the Company of Serpents Lux 9/10
Black Swamp Water Awakening 3/10
Sepultura Sepulquarta 7/10
Killing Face The Madness 8/10
Dee Snider Leave a Scar 7/10
The Day of the Beast Indisputably Carnivorous 8/10
Lord Of the Lost Judas 4/10
Bloody Dice Roll The Dice 6/10
Mother of All Age of the Solipsist 8/10
Red Fang Arrows 8/10
Alluvial Sarcoma 9/10
Angstskrig Skyggespil 8/10
Herman Frank Two For A Lie 7/10
Gojira Fortitude 7/10
Life Of Agony The Sound Of Scars (film) 8/10
Shadowspawn The Biology Of Disbelief 8/10
Enforced Kill Grid 9/10
Eyehategod A History of Nomadic Behavior 8/10
We Are Among Storms The I in We 8/10
Ricky Warwick When Life Was Hard & Fast 5/10
Scarred Scarred 7/10
Ektomorf Reborn 8/10
Hearts & Hand Grenades Turning To Ashes 4/10
Kickin Valentina The Revenge Of Rock 4/10
Asphyx Necroceros 9/10
Insidious Disease After Death 7/10
Odd Palace One Step Closer 7/10
Rob Halford Confess 9/10
Hatebreed Weight Of The False Self 3/10
Skarnet Vinger til salg 8/10
Killer Be Killed Reluctant Hero 9/10
Macabre Carnival Of Killers 7/10
L.A. Guns Renegades 5/10
Voodoo Six Simulation Game 5/10
SLET DET Start Forfra 7/10
Dave Mustaine Rust in Peace (bog) 6/10
Silvera Edge Of The World 4/10
King Mothership The Ritual 8/10
Vanishing Point Dead Elysium 6/10
Repulsive Vision Necrovictology 7/10
Pain Of Salvation Panther 8/10
Blues Pills Holy Moly! 9/10
Witches The Fates 8/10
AHTME Mephitic 9/10
Saints of Death Ascend To The Throne 7/10
Firstborne Firstborne 3/10
Cro-Mags In The Beginning 7/10
Death Courier Necrotic Verses 8/10
Caligula's Horse RISE RADIANT 6/10
Horisont SUDDEN DEATH 7/10
Kvelertak Splid 9/10
Sepultura Quadra 9/10
Bloodborn Machine Resurrecting the Abominable 8/10
Oceans The Sun and the Cold 7/10
Cor Vacante Amygdala 8/10
Onkel Rejes Heavyband Onkel Rejes Heavyband 8/10
Some Kind of Liberty Some Kind of Liberty 6/10
Tainted Lady Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War 8/10
Persecutor Rebirth 8/10
Denner's Inferno In Amber 4/10
South Harbour A Withered World In Colour 5/10
Life Of Agony The Sound of Scars 9/10
The Black Wizards Reflections 7/10
Woodpecker 320 6/10
Tool Fear Inoculum 9/10
Skin Tuxedo Cycle 8/10
Volbeat Rewind, Replay, Rebound 4/10
Bokassa Crimson Riders 8/10
D-A-D A Prayer For The Loud 9/10
Siamese Super Human 7/10
New Years Day Unbreakable 5/10
Lance King ReProgram 8/10
Venom Prison Samsara 8/10
Meridian Margin Of Error 7/10
Town Portal Of Violence 4/10
Swindler The Game is Rigged 7/10
Forever Still Breathe In Colours 9/10
Dream Theater Distance Over Time 7/10
Ghost Ship Octavius Delirium 7/10
Statement Force Of Life 5/10
Skullclub Smækhugger 8/10
The Sonic Dawn Eclipse 8/10
Fusskalt Intercooler 5/10
Barús Drowned 8/10
Swardi Swardi 8/10
Horns Chaos Brings Order 3/10
Azusa Heavy Yoke 8/10
Haken Vector 8/10
Into Eternity The Sirens 7/10
Cold Night for Alligators Fervor 9/10
Rising Sword And Scythe 7/10
The Sledge On the Verge of Nothing 6/10
The Yeah Force Raptor 9/10
The Vintage Caravan Gateways 8/10
Clutch Book of Bad Decisions 8/10
Metal Allegiance Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty 8/10
I'll Be Damned Road to Disorder 9/10
Black Swamp Water Distant Thunder 5/10
Dee Snider For The Love Of Metal 9/10
Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy 8/10
Kissin' Dynamite Ecstasy 7/10
Cold Snap All Our Sins 6/10
69 Chambers Machine 8/10
Supercharger Real Machine 7/10
Sandberg Monster 6/10
Sevendust All I See Is War 6/10
9000 John Doe The Spirit of The Firewolf 6/10
Black Moth Anatomical Venus 8/10
Luzy in Dizguize Black 1/10
Monster Magnet Mindfucker 7/10
Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection 5/10
Earthless Black Heaven 8/10
Fu Manchu Clone of the Universe 8/10
Good Tiger We Will All Be Gone 4/10
In Vain Currents 9/10
Machine Head Catharsis 5/10
Corrosion of Conformity No Cross No Crown 9/10
We Came As Romans Cold Like War 5/10
Shadowspawn Hope Lies Dormant 9/10
Jesper Binzer Dying is Easy 6/10
The Midnight Ghost Train Cypress Ave. 5/10
Butcher Babies Lilith 8/10
Phylactery Necromancy Enthroned 8/10
Kadavar Rough Times 7/10
Diablo Blvd Zero Hour 9/10
Rex Brown Smoke On This... 6/10
Subterranean Masquerade Vagabond 9/10
Anubis Gate Covered In Black 10/10
Cry My Name Reflections 7/10
The Wizards Full Moon in Scorpio 8/10
For the Win Heavy Thoughts 4/10
Prong Zero Days 8/10
JustinHate Marrow 7/10
Night Demon Darkness Remains 8/10
Eclipse Monumentum 8/10
Tainted Lady How The Mighty Have Fallen 7/10
Danzig Black Laden Crown 5/10
Sea The Grip Of Time 8/10
Life Of Agony A Place Where There's No More Pain 9/10
Sawthis Babhell 7/10
Persefone Aathma 8/10
Aversions Crown Xenocide 8/10
Grumpynators City Of Sin 7/10
Violblast Conflict 8/10
Inire Cauchemar 7/10
Iron Fire Among the Dead 6/10
Almah E.V.O 4/10
Trallery Spiritless 8/10
Dee Snider We Are the Ones 6/10
Lamb Of God The Duke 7/10
Not Above Evil Always Darkest Before 5/10
Testament Brotherhood Of The Snake 9/10
Narnia Narnia 7/10
Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy Songs From The Garage 6/10
Gojira Magma 10/10
Scorpion Child Acid Roulette 8/10
Doomsday Outlaw Suffer More 3/10
The Order Rock'n'Rumble 8/10
Gypsy Chief Goliath Citizens of Nowhere 7/10
HellHikers Death Rattle & Roll 5/10
Redemption The Art Of Loss 7/10
Beneath The Silence Meant for the Clouds 5/10
Walls of Jericho No One Can Save You From Yourself 7/10
Hacktivist Outside The Box 6/10
Redwest Crimson Renegade 3/10
Thenighttimeproject Thenighttimeproject 9/10
The New Black A Monster's Life 6/10
The Yeah Force Ambassadors 9/10
Anvil Anvil is Anvil 7/10
Dream Theater The Astonishing 8/10
Prong X - No Absolutes 7/10
Nordic Union Nordic Union 6/10
Infernal Tenebra As Nations Fall 4/10
Black Income Noise Pollution 5/10
Danzig Skeletons 2/10
Synapses Devoutness 7/10
Revocation Empire Of The Obscene 9/10
Mirror Mirror 8/10
Speaking The King's Carousel 3/10
Skullclub Sving Dine Dadler feat. Viggo Sommer 8/10
I'll Be Damned I'll Be Damned 8/10
Gentlemans Pistols Hustler's Row 8/10
Scale the Summit V 7/10
Spock's Beard The Oblivion Particle 8/10
SVRL Superior 7/10
Debauchery Fuck Humanity 4/10
Devil City Angels Devil City Angels 7/10
Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos 7/10
Black Temple It All Ends 7/10
Graveyard Innocence & Decadence 9/10
The Sword High Country 5/10
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats The Night Creeper 7/10
Slayer Repentless 9/10
Iron Maiden The Book of Souls 7/10
Celestial Son Saturn's Return 7/10
Nuclear Formula For Anarchy 7/10
Withering Soul Adverse Portrait 8/10
Killing Gandhi Cinematic Parallels 7/10
Sinister Dark Memorials 4/10
Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire 8/10
Where Evil Follows Portable Darkness 7/10
Lamb Of God VII: Sturm Und Drang 9/10
Subterranean Masquerade The Great Bazaar 8/10
Native Construct Quiet World 7/10
A Light In The Black A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio) 7/10
Black Book Lodge Entering Another Measure 7/10
Barren Earth On Lonely Towers 7/10
Messenger Captain`s Loot 7/10
Skaarv Seed of Justice 8/10
Muck Your Joyous Future 8/10
Major Denial Minor Ways 4/10
Motor Sister Ride 7/10
Prong Songs From The Black Hole 8/10
A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man Escape Escape 7/10
Bite The Bullet Wheels 5/10
Lord Dying Poisoned Altars 7/10
Shadowspawn Ashes Of Sorrow 8/10
HeyWire HeyWire 2/10
Kaledon Antillius: The King Of The Light 7/10
Mellowtoy Lies 4/10
Thanatos Global Purification 7/10
Black Swamp Water Hellride 6/10
Neurotech Infra Versus Ultra 6/10
Down Down IV - Part II 9/10
Job For A Cowboy Sun Eater 8/10
Skullclub Gamle Ar & Nye Tænder 8/10
Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds 10/10
Korzus Legion 7/10
Cavalera Conspiracy Pandemonium 8/10
The Dagger The Dagger 8/10
Mayhem Esoteric Warfare 7/10
Blues Pills Blues Pills 7/10
JustinHate Though Hope Is Frail 8/10
Tankard R.I.B. 7/10
Shadowspawn Promo2014 8/10
God's Army A.D. God's Army A.D. 3/10
Helstar This Wicked Nest 6/10
Obdurated I Feel Nothing 7/10
Gotthard Bang! 4/10
Ektomorf Retribution 7/10
Killer Be Killed Killer Be Killed 10/10
Electric Hellride Come Darkness, Come Light 9/10
Lost Society Terror Hungry 8/10
Circle of Chaos Crossing The Line 6/10
Miracle Master Tattooed Woman 8/10
Anubis Gate Horizons 10/10
Nervosa Victim of Yourself 9/10
Vampire Vampire 5/10
Mount Salem Endless 9/10
Steel Inferno Demo 6/10
Carnifex Die Without Hope 6/10
Metal Inquisitor Ultima Ratio Regis 4/10
Iron Mask Fifth Son Of Winterdoom 5/10
Lake Of Tears By The Black Sea 7/10
Def-Con-One II 7/10
Sister Disguised Vultures 8/10
Sabaton Swedish Empire Live 7/10
BlackShore Terror 7/10
Autopsy The Headless Ritual 8/10
Iced Earth Plagues Of Babylon 9/10
Electric Guitars Electric Guitars 5/10
Outrage Brutal Human Bastard 3/10
The Doomsayer Fire Everywhere 5/10
Tiger Junkies D-Beat Street Rock 'n' Rollers 5/10
Meridian Metallurgy 7/10
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed 7/10
Svölk Svölk 'Em All 7/10
Metal for Jesus Metal for Jesus 4/10
Lord Dying Summon the Faithless 8/10
Mystic Prophecy Killhammer 9/10
Shitfucker Suck Cocks in Hell 1/10
Dark Buddha Rising Dakhmandal 4/10
Iced Earth Live In Ancient Kourion 8/10
Denners Trickbag Denners Trickbag 5/10
Necropsy Tomb Of The Forgotten - The Complete Demo Recordings 7/10
Gypsy Chief Goliath New Machines of the Night 6/10
Science of Sleep Exhaust 4/10
Seth The Howling Spirit 4/10
Kreator Dying Alive 8/10
The Big Teutonic Four The Big Teutonic Four 6/10
Gris À l'Âme Enflammée, l'Äme Constellée... 8/10
Newsted Heavy Metal Music 8/10
SOiL Whole 6/10
Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only 8/10
Kylesa Ultraviolet 7/10
The Monolith Deathcult Tetragrammaton 8/10
Black Water Rising Pissed and Driven 7/10
Stilla Till Stilla Falla 8/10
The Quill Tiger Blood 6/10
Burn of Black Danger 5/10
Lifeforms Multidimensional 7/10
NitroVolt Pänzer 7/10
Noumena Death Walks with Me 7/10
Maegi Skies Fall 5/10
Terminal Prospect Redefine Existence 7/10
Scorpion Child Scorpion Child 8/10
Scorpion Child Polygon Of Eyes 10/10
Collapse Arms And The Covenant 7/10
Call of the Void Dragged Down A Dead End Path 8/10
Sandness Like An Addiction 3/10
Shape My Clarity Chameleon Mirror 7/10
Orphan Hate Attitude & Consequences 8/10
My Endless Wishes My Endless Wishes 6/10
The New Black III: Cut Loose 5/10
Terminate Ascending To Red Heavens 6/10
Inter Arma Sky Burial 6/10
Mortillery Origin of Extinction 9/10
Kingcrow In Crescendo 6/10
Cold Feet Controll Tales of the Brokenhearted 7/10

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