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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Delany Blaze & Ashes 8/10
Absu Absu 8/10
Devils Whorehouse Blood & Ashes 8/10
Obscura Cosmogenesis 9/10
Gate Dawn Of Life 6/10
Hear The Fear My Abyss 7/10
Unbelief Fuck Me Break Me Shape Me 7/10
Obscure On Formaldehyde 4/10
Paganizer Carnage Junkie 7/10
Kolera Death On Tape 6/10
Devian God To The Illfated 8/10
Behemoth Ezkaton 8/10
100 Knives Inside Diminishing Liberty 9/10
Saxon Into The Labyrinth 7/10
Hauk To Hear The Trumpets Call 2/10
Azmaveth Strong As Death 3/10
Cradle of Filth Godspeed On The Devils Thunder 7/10
Satyricon The Age Of Nero 9/10
Memory Garden Carnage Carnival 6/10
Gamma Ray Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome 7/10
Thyrfing Hels Vite 6/10
Black Anvil Time Insults The Mind 8/10
Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage 9/10
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet Grim Tales 7/10
Benediction Killing Music 4/10
Dimension Zero He Who Shall Not Bleed 7/10
Trident Winter Trident Winter 2/10
Sensommersne Brændt Sig Fast 1/10
Unearthly Trance Electrocution 6/10
Power Quest Master Of Illusion 6/10
Amon Amarth Twilight Of The Thundergod 9/10
The Claw 5 Song CDEP 7/10
The Sword Gods Of The Earth 8/10
Afskum Human Harvest 8/10
6 Degrees Clear As The Dark 7/10
Modra Dominance 8/10
Toxic Holocaust An Overdose Of Death... 8/10
Grave Dominion VIII 6/10
Insidious Digital Disdain 7/10
Diamond Head To The Devil His Due 6/10
Neurotic Machinery Catalept 6/10
Machinery The Passing 7/10
Plack Lost Cause 6/10
Transcending Bizarre The Serpent's Manifolds 6/10
Jackal Black Inside 3/10
Wrath Attack Bringing Out The THRASH 4/10
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal 7/10
Týr Land 8/10
The Haunted Versus 7/10
Insicknia Ascent To The Sky 6/10
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht 5/10
Keep Of Kalessin Kolossus 9/10
Skinned Beyond Recognition Barely Dead 7/10
Errorgod Errorgod 6/10
Downswitch Deprived Human Behaviour 7/10
Hail Of Bullets ...Of Frost And War 8/10
Coxa Coxa 4/10
Demiurg The Hate Chamber 7/10
Totenmond Thronräuber 6/10
Stormwarrior Heading Northe 6/10
Belphegor Bondage Goat Zombie 8/10
Martriden The Unsettling Dark 7/10
Dismember Dismember 9/10
Predators Rose First Prey 8/10
Haieeta Mvemjsun(P) 5/10
Stormlord The Legacy Of Medusa 5/10
Sludge Lava 6/10
Winters Verge Eternal Damnation 6/10
Chthonic Pandemonium (Best Of) 6/10
Vira Recurrence 7/10
Gob Squad Watch The Cripple Dance 5/10
President Evil Hell In a Box 5/10
Zimmers Hole When You Were Shouting At The Devil... We Were In League With Sa 7/10
Gorgoroth True Norwegian Black Metal - Live In Grieghallen 7/10
Sedaded Angel See The World Through Burning Red Eyes 7/10
Breakdust Mutilated Carth 6/10
Illdisposed The Prestige 8/10
Dark Fortress Eidolon 8/10
Paradox Electrify 8/10
Essence Art In Imperfection 9/10
Metherra Two Victims To The Killer 4/10
Warbringer War Without End 7/10
Crossfall Således Forgår Verdens Herlighed 6/10
Thorium Feral Creation 7/10
Cubensis Cubensis 3/10
Rosa Antica Seven 4/10
Brainstorm Downburst 7/10
Saxon Unleash The Beast 10/10
Electric Wizard Witchcult Today 7/10
Bestial Mockery Slaying The Life 3/10
Hemoragy Jesus King Of Wine 6/10
Colosseum Chapter I : Delerium 4/10
Tourettes Treason Songs 5/10
Nifelheim Envoy Of Lucifer 7/10
Mortal Sin An Absence Of Faith 6/10
Spice And The RJ Band The Will 7/10
Vicious Art Pick Up This Sick Child 6/10
Freevil Freevil Burning 5/10
Helloween Gambling With The Devil 8/10
Saxon To Hell And Back Again 8/10
Gamma Ray Land Of The Free - II 7/10
Sieges Even Paramount 6/10
Enthroned Tetra Karcist 6/10
Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil 8/10
Helrunar Baldr Ok Íss 8/10
Drautran Throne Of The Depths 3/10
Syrach Days Of Wrath 5/10
The Foreshadowing Days Of Nothing 4/10
Blut Aus Nord Odinist: The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination 4/10
Indoctrination Drawn In Grey 8/10
Depressed Mode Ghosts Of Devotion 5/10
Blitzkrieg Theatre Of The Damned 7/10
High On Fire Death Is This Communion 7/10
Evile Enter The Grave 7/10
Fueled By Fire Spread The Fire 6/10
Malfeitor Unio Mystica Maxima 4/10
Mekong Delta Lurking Fear 6/10
Fleshcrawl Structures Of Death 5/10
Arch Enemy Rise Of The Tyrant 8/10
Amorphis Silent Waters 7/10
Tyrant Reclaim The Flame 8/10
Tankard Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers 7/10
Obtain Pain Something Dark 7/10
Lord Belial Revelation 6/10
Orange Goblin Healing Through Fire 8/10
Morgana Lefay Aberrations Of The Mind 5/10
Anterior This Age Of Silence 5/10
Crionics Neuthrone 7/10
Antigama Resonance 2/10
Spetälsk Spetälsk 6/10
Trouble Simple Mind Condition 7/10
Maze Of Torment Hidden Cruelty 5/10
Annihilator Metal 8/10
SSS SSS 8/10
Rageborne D.N.A. Overdose 8/10
Entombed Serpent Saints 10/10
Carnal Forge Testify For My Victims 5/10
Chimaira Ressurection 7/10
Human Garbage Disposal Demo 2007 - Subhuman Filth 4/10
Marduk Rom 5:12 7/10
Powerwolf Lupus Dei 8/10
Black Succubi Demo 2007 7/10
Flagellation Incinerate Disintegrate 7/10
Metal Church Dynamo Classic Concerts - 1991 6/10
Dark Prophecy Sexual Necrobsession 2/10
Abandoned Thrash You! 6/10
Lake Of Tears Moons And Mushrooms 9/10
Trimonium Son Of A Blizzard 7/10
Candlemass King Of The Grey Islands 8/10
Paradise Lost In Requiem 9/10
Saxon The Inner Sanctum 8/10
Naglfar Harvest 8/10
Soulbreach My Dividing Line 5/10
Lipid Deliver Us From Evil 7/10
Nox IXAXAAR 4/10
Panzerchrist Bello: Room Service & Soul Collector + Bonus 9/10
Niels Vejlyt The Predator 3/10
Impious Holy Murder Masquerade 7/10
I Between Two Worlds 9/10
Arch Enemy Live Apocalypse 8/10
The Haunted The Dead Eye 6/10
Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI 8/10
God Dethroned The Toxic Touch 7/10
Disillusion Gloria 2/10
Kayser Frame The World... Hang It On The Wall 7/10
Allhelluja Pain Is The Game 4/10
The Pickup Le Cobra 7/10
Enslaved Ruun 8/10
Mercenary The Hours That Remain 9/10
Unleashed Midvinterblot 8/10
Wolf The Black Flame 8/10
Dissection Rebirth Of Dissection 8/10
Keep Of Kalessin Armada 9/10
Tankard The Beauty And The Beer 8/10
Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death 9/10
Necrophobic Hrimthursum 8/10
Iron Maiden The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 8/10
Entombed When In Sodom 9/10
Motörhead Kiss Of Death 8/10
Slayer Christ Illusion 8/10
Bruce Dickinson Anthology 8/10
Slayer Eternal Pyre 8/10
Satyricon Now, Diabolical 8/10
Trouble Live In Stockholm 8/10
Bloodthorn Genocide 7/10
Gorilla Monsoon Damage King 4/10
Angel Blake Angel Blake 7/10
Necrodeath 100% Hell 7/10
Vreid Pitch Black Brigade 6/10
Sodom Sodom 8/10
The Quill In Triumph 7/10
Sahg I 8/10
Manitou Deadlock 8/10
Judas Priest Live Vengeance '82 10/10
Serpent Obscene Chaos Reign Supreme 6/10
Ian Gillan Gillian's Inn 7/10
Cruoris Demo 2005 5/10
Sons Of Tomorrow Waltz Of A Madman 7/10
Aborym Generator 5/10
Dismember The God That Never Was 9/10
The Legion Revocation 9/10
Annihilator Ten Years In Hell 8/10
Amorphis Eclipse 7/10
Venom Metal Black 6/10
Black Succubi Black Succubi 6/10
Witchery Don't Fear The Reaper 8/10
V/A Numbers From The Beast - An All Star Salute To Iron Maiden 5/10
Tankard Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live 8/10
Falkenbach Heralding - The Fireblade 8/10
Thyrfing Farsotstider 7/10
Chaoswave The White Noise Within 8/10
Dark Fortress Séance 8/10
Diamond Head All Will Be Revealed 6/10
Sencirow Perception Of Fear 7/10
Enemy Unknown Alert Status: RED 4/10
Sinocence Black Still Life Pose 5/10
The Pickup Rocka Rolla 8/10
Diggeth One More Yesterday... 7/10
The Deviant Ravenous Deathworship 7/10
Mythological Cold Towers The Vanished Pantheon 2/10
Age Of Nemesis Psychogeist 5/10
Fireball Ministry Their Rock Is Not Our Rock 3/10
Exekrator Ordo Bestiae 6/10
Nattefrost Terrorist: Nekronaut Part I 6/10
Sodom Lords Of Depravity - Part I 9/10
Cathedral The Garden Of Unearthly Delights 9/10
S.D.I.D. Home Made Part Two 3/10
Solefald Red For Fire: An Icelandic Odysey Part I 7/10
Mörk Gryning Mörk Gryning 6/10
Wet Animal Wet Animal 6/10
Creozoth Creozoth 4/10
Candlemass The Curse Of Candlemass - Live In Stockholm 2003 8/10
Akercocke Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone 6/10
Dark Funeral Attera Totus Sanctus 5/10
Dragonlord Black Wings Of Destiny 7/10
Tyranny Tides Of Awakening 2/10
Descensus Exploited Innocence 8/10
Evildoer Terror Audio 5/10
Enslaved Return To Yggdrasil - Live In Bergen 7/10
Exekrator Promo 2005 8/10
Malsain They Never Die 4/10
Griffin Lifeforce 8/10
Toxic Virgin Sulphur 7/10
YOB The Unreal Never Lived 5/10
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy 8/10
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst 2005 7/10
Old Man's Child Vermin 8/10
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet? 8/10
sHeavy Republic? 9/10
V/A ReCollection 3 - Relapse Video Collection 6/10
Terror 2000 Terror For Sale 2/10
Gamma Ray Majestic 9/10
HateSphere The Sickness Within 9/10
Tribuzy Execution 8/10
Criminal Sicario 7/10
Exhumed Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated 6/10
Opeth Ghost Reveries 10/10
Hypocrisy Virus 8/10
Helloween Mrs. God 7/10
Black Sabbath In Concert 6/10
Marduk Blackcrowned 5/10
F5 A Drug For All Seasons 4/10
Motörhead Stage Fright 9/10
Arsis A Celebration Of Guilt 6/10
Losing Sun Inertia 5/10
The Arcane Order Promo 2005 8/10
Nightvision Nightvision 8/10
Dissimulation Prakeikimas 8/10
Demon Better The Devil You Know 3/10
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine 9/10
Deviated Presence Eerie Sphere 2/10
Naglfar Pariah 7/10
Spiritual Beggars Demons 8/10
Enthroned Black Goat Ritual - Live In The Flesh 6/10
Kayser Kayserhof 7/10
Machine Men Elegies 8/10
Fruit Tree sUn seT 3/10
Annulation Human Creatures 5/10
Allhelluja Inferno Museum 6/10
Mindgrinder Riot Detonator 8/10
Runemagick Envenom 3/10
Rutthna Doomsdaylight 5/10
Motörhead Ace Of Spades 8/10
Turbonegro Party Animals 8/10
GZR Ohmwork 3/10
Return To The Mire A Rude Awakening 6/10
Candlemass Candlemass 9/10
Bruce Dickinson Tyranny Of Souls 9/10
Faith Industrius The Unborn 7/10
Scaar The Second Incision 6/10
Napalm Death The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code 7/10
Debris Inc. Debris Inc. 1/10
Defleshed Reclaim The Beat 7/10
Cryptic Wintermoon Of Shadows... And The Dark Things You Fear 5/10
Aborted The Archaic Abattoir 8/10
Powerwolf Return In Bloodred 9/10
Brainstorm Liquid Monster 9/10
Aura Noir Deep Dreams Of Hell 7/10
Force Of Evil Black Empire 9/10
Neaera The Rising Tide Of Oblivion 4/10
Kaamos Lucifer Rising 6/10
Spleen 9690 6/10
Crowbar Lifesblood For The Downtrodden 7/10
High On Fire Blessed Black Wings 8/10
Belphegor Goatreich - Fleshcult 8/10
Crionics Armageddon's Evolution 7/10
HateSphere The Killing 8/10
Primordial The Gathering Wilderness 8/10
Maze Of Torment Hammers Of Mayhem 6/10
Masterplan Aeronautics 9/10
Firewind Forged By Fire 9/10
YOB The Illusion Of Motion 5/10
Dark Tranquillity Character 9/10
Flesh Made Sin Dawn Of The Stillborn 7/10
Sludge Yellow Acid Rain 7/10
Descensus Bewildered Existence 8/10
Dry Kill Logic The Dead And Dreaming 6/10
Kreator Enemy Of God 10/10
Chaoswave Chaoswave 9/10
Helltrain Route 666 3/10
Omnium Gatherum Years In Waste 6/10
Lair Of The Minotaur Carnage 4/10
Iron Maiden The History Of Iron Maiden - Part 1: The Early Days 10/10
Anaal Nathrakh Domine Non Es Dignus 7/10
Dissection Maha Kali 4/10
Slayer Still Reigning 7/10
Venom Live In London 8/10
Impious Born To Suffer 4/10
Marduk Plague Angel 9/10
V/A Choosing Death - The Original Soundtrack 8/10
V/A Fenriz Presents... The Best Of Old-School Black Metal 7/10
Aura Noir The Merciless 6/10
Pungent Stench Ampeauty 6/10
God Dethroned The Lair Of The White Worm 8/10
Enthroned Xes Haereticum 8/10
Enslaved ISA 5/10
Thyrfing Vansinnesvisor 6/10
Iommi The 1996 Dep Sessions 7/10
Motörhead Everything Louder Than Everything Else 6/10
Krisiun Bloodshed 6/10
The Haunted rEVOLVEr 10/10
Dismember Live Blasphemies 8/10
Impious Hellucinate 7/10
V/A ReCollection 2 - Relapse Video Collection 5/10
Skeletor HellFireRockMachine 6/10
Mercenary 11 Dreams 8/10
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh 9/10
Saxon Lionheart 9/10
Dio Master Of The Moon 8/10
Blinded By Fear En Route To Pain 7/10
Adimiron Burning Souls 6/10
Red Warszawa Return Of The Glidefedt 4/10
Wolf Evil Star 10/10
Fission Crater 7/10
Primordial Dark Romanticism 9/10
Grave Fiendish Regression 6/10
Descensus As Darkness Descends 7/10
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 8/10
Electric Wizard We Live 3/10
Switchblade Switchblade Serenade 2/10
Pod People Doom Saloon 6/10
Spleen Spleen 5/10
Cathedral The Serpent's Gold 9/10
Unleashed Sworn Allegiance 8/10
Doomshine Thy Kingdoom Come 8/10
Ancient Night Visit 7/10
Alabama Thunderpussy Fulton Hill 3/10
Vox Interium Yearning 4/10
Imperanon Stained 5/10
Carnal Forge Aren't You Dead Yet? 7/10
Melodic Meltdown Second Skin 3/10
Sabbtail Nightchurch 8/10
Bestial Mockery Evoke The Desecrator 7/10
The Great Deceiver Terra Incognito 6/10
Motörhead Inferno 9/10
Withering Surface Force The Pace 8/10
HateSphere Ballet Of The Brute 9/10
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God 5/10
Annihilator All For You 6/10
Stormrider First Battle Won 4/10
Hearse Armageddon Mon Amour 7/10
Chaosbreed Brutal 7/10
Jorn Out To Every Nation 8/10
Carcass Choice Cuts 10/10
Crionics Human Error - Ways Of Selfdestruction 7/10
Wykked Wytch Nefret 4/10
Cadaver Necrosis 7/10
Disarmonia Mundi Fragments Of D-Generation 7/10
Insomnium Since The Day It All Came Down 5/10
Khold Mørke Gravers Kammer 7/10
Dream Evil The Book Of Heavy Metal 8/10
Stormlord The Gorgon Cult 7/10
Zeke 'Til The Livin' End 8/10
Carcass Wake Up And Smell The Carcass 6/10
The Shitheadz Dirty Pounding Gasoline 4/10
Mindgrinder Mindtech 6/10
Ribspreader Bolted To The Cross 5/10
Final Dawn Under The Bleeding Sky 4/10
Iron Maiden Rock In Rio 9/10
Occult Elegy For The Weak 7/10
Mayhem Chimera 8/10
Susperia Unlimited 7/10
Within Y Extended Mental Dimensions 6/10
Disillusion Back To Times Of Splendor 5/10
Dargaard Rise And Fall 1/10
Sceptic Unbeliever's Script 7/10
Dark Funeral De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine 6/10
Urkraft Eternal Cosmic Slaughter 9/10
Lunaris Cyclic 7/10
Torchbearer Yersinia Pestis 4/10
Thy Primordial Pestilence Upon Mankind 7/10
Nasty Savage Psycho Psycho 6/10
Orange Goblin Thieving From The House Of God 6/10
Aeternus Ascension Of Terror 4/10
Aeternus Shadows Of Old 6/10
Keelhaul Subject To Change Without Notice 2/10
V/A Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous 7/10
V/A Sons Of Satan (Dimmu Borgir / Old Man's Child) 7/10
Enforsaken The Forever Endeavour 6/10
Witchcraft Witchcraft 8/10
Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow 8/10
Probot Probot 9/10
V/A Seven Gates Of Horror - Tribute To Possessed 7/10
Grip Inc. Incorporated 9/10
In Flames Soundtrack To Your Escape 9/10
Devils Whorehouse Revelation Unorthodox 8/10
Narcissus Crave And Collapse 3/10
Ragnarok Blackdoor Miracle 7/10
The Hellacopters Goodnight Cleveland 7/10
Silent Scythe Longing For Sorrow 6/10
Pigskin Epidemic 5/10
God Forbid Gone Forever 8/10
Apostasy Cell 666 6/10
Krux Live 8/10
Entombed Monkey Puss - Live In London 4/10
Force Of Evil Force Of Evil 8/10
Firewind Burning Earth 7/10
Death Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) 4/10
Raunchy Confusion Bay 9/10
Fireball Ministry The Second Great Awakening 6/10
Hypocrisy The Arrival 6/10
Criminal No Gods No Masters 5/10
Falkenbach Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty 6/10
Fleshcrawl Made Of Flesh 5/10
Below Come On 7/10
Fragments Of Unbecoming Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension 5/10
Divine Empire Nostradamus 3/10
Slayer War At The Warfield 8/10
Killaman Killaman 6/10
Stygian Lost 3/10
Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn 7/10
Belphegor Lucifer Incestus 9/10
V/A Contaminated VI 7/10
Deathwitch Voilence Blasphemy Sodomy 6/10
Handful Of Hate Vicecrown 6/10
Black Sabbath The Last Supper 7/10
Renégadeth Fake Divine 9/10
Corpus Mortale With Lewd Demeanor 7/10
Process Pòg Mo Thòn 7/10
Judas Priest Electric Eye 9/10
Diabolic Infinity Through Purification 5/10
Manowar Hell On Earth - Part I 7/10
Eviscerate Eviscerate 7/10
Cradle of Filth Heavy, Left-handed and Candid 9/10
Cadaveria Far Away From Conformity 6/10
HateSphere Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Black 8/10
Candlemass Documents Of Doom 8/10
Unearthly Trance Season Of Séance, Science Of Silence 3/10
Dimmu Borgir World Misanthropy 7/10
Between The Buried And Me The Silent Circus 2/10
All Out War Condemned To Suffer 5/10
Grand Magus Monument 7/10
Black Sabbath Never Say Die 8/10
Einherjer Blot 8/10
Dimension Zero This Is Hell 8/10
Impaled Nazarene All That You Fear 7/10
Akercocke Choronzon 4/10
Machine Head Through The Ashes Of Empires 8/10
Saxon Live Innocence/The Power & The Glory 8/10
Macabre Murder Metal 9/10
The Crown Possessed 13 8/10
Panzerchrist Room Service 9/10
Lipid Hagridden 9/10
Dream Evil Children Of The Night 7/10
Brainstorm Soul Temptation 8/10
Krisiun Works Of Carnage 7/10
AnoxiA Melanchollision 5/10
Skinless From Sacrifice To Survival 8/10
Deforge Freedom Release 6/10
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death 8/10
The Agony Scene The Agony Scene 9/10
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse 6/10
The Black Dahlia Murder Unhallowed 7/10
Below Distortionman 6/10
Morbid Angel Heretic 7/10
Arch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion 9/10
Silent Edge The Eyes Of The Shadow 5/10
Saxon The Saxon Chronicles 10/10
Entombed Inferno 9/10
Seven Seraphim Believe In Angels 2/10
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon 9/10
Kiju Nothing To Play For 7/10
Nightrage Sweet Vengeance 6/10
Ingraved Complete Domination 2/10
Granhammer Unleash The Storm 9/10
Mnemic Mechanical Spin Phenomena 9/10
V/A Vol. 1 3/10
Aborted Goremageddon 8/10
Deeds Of Flesh Reduced To Ashes 3/10
Aborym With No Human Intervention 6/10
Graveworm Engraved In Black 5/10
Bloodshed Inhabitants Of Dis 2/10
The Apparatus Lost : Crossed 7/10
Rick Renström Until The Bitter End 5/10
Gorgoroth Twilight Of The Idols 7/10
Turbonegro Scandinavian Leather 9/10
Sally C-Earth 5/10
Michael Schenker Group Arachnophobiac 6/10
Urkraft Primordial 2003 Promo 9/10
Mörk Gryning Pieces Of Primal Expressionism 7/10
Sinister Savage Or Grace 5/10
Green Life 6/10
Aeternus A Darker Monument 4/10
Harem Scarem The Early Years 3/10
Cryptopsy None So Live 7/10
Metallica St. Anger 4/10
Luna Field Close To Prime 6/10
Defiled Divination 5/10
Motörhead The Best Of 7/10
Helloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy 8/10
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition II 2/10
Bob Catley When Empires Burn 7/10
Konkhra Reality Check 7/10
Iniquity Iniquity Bloody Iniquity 8/10
V/A Power Of Metal - 20 Years In Noise 7/10
Granhammer Enthroned In Darkness 8/10
Severed Savior Brutality Is Law 3/10
Ancient Rites And The Hordes Stood As One 6/10
Black Sabbath The Black Sabbath Story Vol. 2 7/10
Stormwind Rising Symphony 5/10
Enslaved Below The Lights 6/10
Saga Silhouette 7/10
Villa Flow 7/10
Callenish Circle My Passion // Your Pain 6/10
Runemagick Darkness Death Doom 5/10
Racer X Getting Heavier 7/10
MVP The Altar 7/10
Pandemia Personal Demon 4/10
Blaze As Live As It Gets 7/10
Helheim Yersinia Pestis 6/10
Cage Darker Than Black 8/10
Praying Mantis The Journey Goes On 5/10
Dimension F3h Reaping The World Winds 6/10
Dome Service Promo 2002 7/10
Darkthrone Hate Them 8/10
Compos Mentis Fragments Of A Withered Dream 7/10
1349 Liberation 1/10
Cydonia The Dark Flower 5/10
Solefald In Harmonia Universali 8/10
Andromeda II=I 4/10
Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll 8/10
Carnal Forge The More You Suffer 6/10
Molly Hatchet Locked & Loaded 6/10
Event Scratching At The Surface 3/10
Spawn of Possession Cabinet 6/10
Naglfar Sheol 8/10
Krux Krux 9/10
Nasty Savage Wage of Mayhem 4/10
Dissection Live Legacy 8/10
Ashes to Ashes Cardinal VII 8/10
AnoxiA Promo 7/10
The Haunted One Kill Wonder 9/10
KLoAK A True Bohemian Revolutionary 2/10
Blindfault Demo 2003 5/10
Poisonblack Escapexstacy 7/10
Marduk World Funeral 10/10
God Dethroned Into The Lungs Of Hell 8/10
Defleshed Royal Straight Flesh 5/10
Cathedral The VIIth Coming 7/10
Rumplepot Metal Über Alles 8/10
Age Of Nemesis Eden? 7/10
Dream Evil Evilized 8/10
Awedge Rest Here In These Simple Words 6/10
Old Man's Child In Defiance of Existence 8/10
Black Sabbath The Black Sabbath Story Vol. 1 7/10
Motörhead 25 & Alive: Boneshaker 9/10
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast 8/10
Judas Priest British Steel 8/10
Mental Meltdown Autumn 1/10
Michael Monroe Whatcha Want 4/10
Unruly Child UC III 3/10
Dark At Dawn First Beams of Light 4/10
Mortal Love All the Beauty 5/10
Supared Supared 6/10
Uli Jon Roth Legends of Rock - Live at Castle Donnington 4/10
Lowbrow Sex, Violence, Death 3/10
Masterplan Masterplan 8/10
Bathory Nordland I 7/10
Urkraft Promo 2002 - V2 9/10
Brudevalsen Say Hello To Darkness 7/10
Divine Souls The Bitter Selfcaged Man 5/10
HateSphere Bloodred Hatred 7/10
Motörhead Hammered 7/10
Manowar Warriors of the World 8/10

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Eks-Sodom trommeslager død
Century Media 20 års jubilæum
...Versus The Haunted
Witchfinder Resurrected
Mr Crowley og Mr Dickinson
Blodbad i sigte
Maiden Japan 2008
Præsten kommer til Roskilde
Nyt fra det gamle Testamente
Wacken Open Air Update
At The Gates på Roskilde
Europa i flammer
Skal Bolt Thrower til Wacken?
Volbeat går platin
Endelig er der liv efter døden
Iron Maiden til Horsens i 2008
At The Wacken
Carcass Rots Again
Gratis album fra Contempt
Din sjæl ... Tak
Night of the living breath
Grusome Tekster
Return of Doom
Nyt fra negleskibet
Halford i Rio
Klip fra A Matter Of Life And Death
Stinker i natten
Dissection sanger begår selvmord
Sorte fugle græder
Gamma Ray DVD
Endnu en ny Maiden sang online
Iron Maiden single i august
Smugkig på Anthology
Iron Maiden - Et spørgsmål om liv eller død?
Smag på Sodom
Carnivore på Wacken
When in Sodom do as the Sodomites
Bruce on the box
Black Metal Black
Adler Tag Part III
Lyt til det nye Dismember album
A fresh breath of death
King for a download...
Riding On The Plague
Tilbage til sorgens kammer
Nyt fra den infernalske majestæt
Vild vrede
Storm i teatret
Convicted in Sepultura
Ny In Flames video
Makaber underholdning
When Glen Burps
Hekseri hos Century Media
Wasa Death part 3
Metalle Noir
Tag et liv
Wasa Death part 2
Wasa Death part 1
Polsk Black Metal
Celtic Frost på W:O:A 2006
Long Live Rock'n'Roll again
Kejserne vender tilbage
Syng og spil med Bloodbath
Uffe ude
Dark Funeral preview
De der engang var loyale
Opeth Video
Return of the lost Guardian
Belphegor video
Overkill live EP
Mrs. God video
Taste the Destruction
Tidligere Vader trommeslager Doc er død
Nyt ild til posen
Video horror
Råmix af kommende Dissection
Entombed capture the flag
Unleashed DVD på vej
Black Purple Thrash
Ærke dommedag
Lyt til afskum
The return of the Carcass at the gates
Sceneskræk og vorter
Ny trommeulv
Amorphis i studiet til sommer
Raunchy ud af ingenting
Stykkerne samles
David Wayne død
Bruce bliver bortført
Se den sorte dværg danse
In Flames bokssæt extravaganca
Accept the set
30 fede og farlige
Alle mine venner er døde
Den hvide orm på video
Def Metal
Skærsilds tid
Bruce bidder
Party uartig
Thomen siger farvel
Bruces bagkatalog
Priest Live DVD
Reawaken the Guardian
Stormhammer Hellblåst?
Bruce med svin på
Døden ifølge Impaled Nazarene
Ondskabens opfindere?
Sjælens tyran
Epicus Candlemassicus
Blodbad på DVD
Black Empire Rising
AC/DC tager familiejuvelerne frem
W:O:A 2005 update
Enter Homeboyz?
Marduk aflyser Europa turne
Denial Of God søger nye medlemmer
Count Raven doomer i Wacken
W:O:A 2005 update
Sentenced tager afsked
Blod over Wacken
Illdisposed Still Sane video
Exodus ny sanger
Heading Out The Autobahn
Candlemass vinylsæt på vej
Roskilde Sabbath
Raunchy forlader Nuclear Blast
Heksen er grydeklar
Candlemass på Nuclear Blast
Verdenskrig ifølge Gehenna
Smuglyt den nye Judas Priest
Cover Of The Priest
Label skift
Dissecting Wacken for the Gorefest
Springtime for Dickinson
Judas Revolution
Gengældelsens engel
Den gamle slagter
Nyt på mesterplaneten
W:O:A 2005 update
Ny gammel sanger
Er de 1 ?
W:O:A 2005 update
Dream Silly
Umulig brutalitet
Galning ud, Hunnerkonge ind
Candlemass igenigendannet
Dengang farfar var ond
Kernon of evil
Accept over Europe 2005
Ekslusiv Annihillator MP3
Carcass Country
Heksekedlen koger igen
Don't Break The DVD
The Return?
Melorms Metal
Rotter på tronen
Something not so Rotten
Pest englen fra Prag
De gamle dage (tm)
Den Forgyldte Kusse
Saxon Løvehjerte
Et eller andet monster
Hav flæsk med dig
Manticora skaber fejl
God Dethroned i den hvide orms hule
Alle Gegen Darkthrone
Mega Menza
Skaberen, en fjende af gud?
Alt for jer
Life's A Bitch on TV
Endnu meget mere Megadeth med lyd igen
The Haunted's 99 live på Sweden Rock
Ligcykler og fordærvet sæd
Rotter på tronen
Heart Of A Lion
Winter Wonderland
Heavy Metal bogen
Pleasure to kill again
Endnu mere Megadeth med lyd igen
King synger dødelige vuggeviser
The Haunted's "99"
Endnu mere megadeth med lyd
The Haunted Media
Mere Megadeth med lyd
Slangens guld åbenbaret
Are You Ready For Some Danzig?
Lacuna Swamp
Candlemass split - 2. udgave
Johnny The Viking
Komplet kannibal
Ud med det gamle, ind med det gamle
Nattebesøg fra de gamle
Lille Lars i staden
The Wartman Cometh
The Eagle is Landing again
Exciting Rerecording?
Bye bye Blast, Hello Frost
Over"Rage"nde DVD
Marduk spiller op til March
Slayer i garagen
Sinister No More
Out Of Jailhouse
Helmets Bells
Infernalsk Motörhead skive på vej
Run To The DVD's
Label skift
Fee News
Fall of Tolkki?
Blinde gardiner på DVD
Borknagars episke cyklus
Heathen for Nothing
Force Of Evil Releaseparty
Reno i Dimmuland
Blændet i studiet
Back with a vengeance
Min skygge hjemsøgt i studiet
Roy Z og Præsten
Posen goes Roadrunner?
Godbidder fra Carcass
En slanges guld
Folk you!
Nyt Venom line-up
Black till you drop
Paradise Left?
Døve leoparder hylder halvfjerdserne
Nyt fra Kreator
Hungry Again
Ikke mere for den krone
Dyers Eve Live
Back in the flesh
Autumn comes and leaves again
Dansk/Svensk samarbejde
Evil comes to town
Ridser i korslakken
W:O:A 2004 update
Sweden Rock update
Homo tobak
Ryst med vorten
Min død, en slagters drøm
Den stille plads
Paul Bostaph i Testament
En studie tanke
Kysse hyldest
To Hell And Back Again
Kig efter
Midnight Express på polsk
Nymfer på Amf
Tales from the thousand pastas
Djævelske DVD'er på vej
Præste kasser
Stormforces Arise
The Metal Inquisition returns
Warlock reunion
Out of the Tomb?
Halford goes to Disneyland
Giv en hånd til Sodom
Winds that break?
Nyt blæs
The End Incomplete
Marduk a go-go
Withering faster?
Staying Alive
Kannibaler i pyjamas
Alt for jer
Domkirke Rock
Jailhouse Thrash
Miltbrand alarm
W:O:A 2004 update
Fee Metal i Århus
Hyklerisk ankomst
Bård Faust Eithun forlader klinikken
Dark Funeral på Regain
Slemme barbarer tilbage
Timo Kotipelto og Jörg Michael ude af Stratovarius
Når fuglene synger
Sweden Rocks 2004
Den travle Uffe
Ny kradsemærker i korset
Brutalt Kodyr
Exmortem covers Autopsy
På djævelens grundstykke
Slayer Video Overkill
Finsk krise
W:O:A 2004 update
Legion Adieu
En helvedes trailer
Flugtens Soundtrack
Imperisk video
Jule Død en dag tidligere
Had Dræb Live
Ud ad spjældet og ind i videoen
Undergrunden i stadionerne
Who stopped the rain?
Lige i fjæset
Slayer Deluxe
Rutschetur med ligene
Dracula joins Rhapsody
Back In The Shops Again
Slayer i boksen
The Haunted hjemsøgt af Peter Dolving
Den fortabte søn vender tilbage
Trætte bygninger
Alle MP3'er du frygter
Dio DVD den anden
Rammsteins lygtespillehus
Crüe's bedste på DVD
Gå på blod sammen med kongen
Nyt ældgammelt
Hvor sort er din sabbat?
Død på DVD
Apocalyptica laver cover af Rammstein
Dark Tranquillity DVD preview
Posen på porten
Kronende smadder
Villa mand går kold
Duk Jer
Den sorte boks
Nyt gudemord
Ikke helt færdig... og dog
Opus a'la Maiden
Den ærefulde byrde
Mere helvede på jorden
Entombed Jukebox
Dommedag nu
Nyt fra nordfronten
Aalborg Metal Festival 2003
Krux DVD til efteråret
Gem geden væk
Video Guf 3
We Will Rise
Wildest Video
Video Guf 1
Ripper hos Iced Earth
Lidt ekstra for/fra kronen
Amorphis + Paradise Lost i DK
Kætterens ynde
Ingen had til os
Lydjagt med Rage
Cathedral på Nuclear Blast
Not so Immortal
De vildeste drømme
May the force be with you
Posen og Composen
Alexander A Go Go
Roskilde Igen
Prelude To War
Krig på DVD
Mantas uden tålmodighed
Sommerhilsener fra ligvognen
Hekseri i efteråret
Dimmu Borgir Lydklip
Igor i snakkehjørnet
Video med Torch på
Diamond in the Tomb
Syng og spil med Dissection
Urkraft i stald hos Voice Of Life
Panzer Service
Diamonds dukker
Mayhem voldtager os igen
Banan listen
Stryper Reunion
Posen på turne
Saxons krønikker
Dark Tranquillity på Gods Of Metal
Det fordømte tempo
Isnende jord uden sanger
Abigor Ade
Ingen kiks til os
Mercyful Fate fritidsjob nr. 2
Tribute Bloody Tribute
Metal i toppen
De Blinde Gardiner synger
Video Terapi
Danish Thrash Attack
Superstars ...of death
I love the smell of napalm in the morning...
Ucensureret hjemsøgning
Celtic Frost demo online
Edge Of Sanity igen igen
EP i Brand
Maiden dobbelt op
Den Sure Helgen
Nattens raseri
Skelletet bliver foreløbigt i skabet
Black Sabbath fra rodekassen
Maiden Single til sommeren
King Diamond cover til at dø for
Back to the USSR
Brasserne blæser igen
Terapi mod højdeskræk
Amorphis rykker op i første ligaen
Destruction Demo online
Døden på fire hjul
Kronen dræber alle
Return of the Frosties
At plante et Jernkors
Saxon beholder deres navn
Kaniner kommer ikke let
Dimmu Borgir går i studiet
W:O:A Update
Ny trommeslager i Helloween... igen
Britney Biskidt
Dukkemesteren Diamond
Gyldne Metal konger
Negative vibrationer
In The Tomb (again)
Flammer over Danmark
Iced Earth i stald hos SPV
Ny skive fra de Mobbede Engle
Evergrey Crash
Brave New Record
More Dirt
På tour med Danzig
Sepultura på SPV Records
The King Is Back
The 7th Coming
Heavy Metal Thunder
Nyt Marduk Album
Priest tager en pause
Black Chartbreakers
Mustaine er på vej tilbage
Flight Of Dickinson
Live Box Fra Jernjomfruen
Black Sabbath Live
Hell Bent For Leather
Kommende Candlemass DVD

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