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Emilie Dybdals anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Bag lukkede døre blDEMO 4/10
The Darkest Moment Love & Loss 5/10
Zeup Roads 5/10
Lovestruck Faster, Louder, Lover 5/10
Bound Hands Bound Hands 7/10
Dark Poison Darkness Falls 3/10
Mea Culpa The Faith the Lies and the Eternal Rest 7/10
Ashes of Billy The Right Place 7/10
Vægtløs Kakofoni 8/10
Lorna Shore Pain Remains 8/10
The Dancing Polar Bears The Dancing Polar Bears 4/10
Soilwork Övergivenheten 8/10
The Halo Effect Days Of The Lost 6/10
Horizon Ignited Towards The Dying Lands 6/10
Danefae Alene 7/10
Hanging The Nihilist Prophetic Blasphemy 7/10
AVIYA Four=One 6/10
Miseration Black Miracles And Dark Wonders 7/10
Firebreather Dwell in the Fog 7/10
ILLA The Body Keeps the Score 7/10
Bloodywood Rakshak 5/10
Tersivel To The Orphic Void 5/10
ÊTRE I: Human 7/10
Hangman's Chair A Loner 9/10
Fit For An Autopsy Oh What The Future Holds 8/10
Deterium Broken Illusions 5/10
Swallow The Sun Moonflowers 7/10
Psy:code PSVCODE 3/10
Whitechapel Kin 8/10
SMADR Wolpertinger 5/10
A Pale Horse Named Death Infernum In Terra 7/10
Lightchapter It All Ends Tonight 7/10
Rivers Of Nihil The Work 7/10
Destabilizer Panopticon 6/10
The Night Flight Orchestra Aeromantic II 7/10
Carnifex Graveside Confessions 8/10
Deterium Unmapped Mind 7/10
ROT AWAY Nothing Is Good 8/10
Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness 8/10
Mak'Vaerk Black Smoke 7/10
Litashepa Trickster's Choices 4/10
Social Addiction Kill Your Abuser 6/10
Shatterlites Adrift 4/10
Spelljammer Abyssal Trip 8/10
Wednesday 13 Necrophaze - Antidote 4/10
Rise Upon Artificial Dreams 7/10
Humanity's Last Breath Välde 8/10
Simon Laulund Chronicles of Change 7/10
AR 3 7/10
Distant Dawn Of Corruption 5/10
Colby Grayson Blackout 6/10
Zeup Blind 7/10
iHjel Hævnens Flammer 5/10
Ironed Out We Move as One 7/10
Först til sidst Först til sidst 4/10
Lorna Shore Immortal 9/10
RAMBUK Beneath The Corpses 7/10
Soilwork A Whisp Of The Atlantic 9/10
RIOT SUN bruises 6/10
Hell:on Scythian Stamm 7/10
Original Fire Drones of Prey 6/10
Taking Flight Light it Up 6/10
Onion Club Disaster If You Want Something Done Right... 5/10
The Hallowed Catharsis Killowner 3/10
KALI Lake 4/10
CRYOSPHERE Constellations 5/10
Aversions Crown Hell Will Come For Us All 6/10
Dawn of Ouroboros The Art of Morphology 7/10
Lophius Their Poison Our Antidote 6/10
Æterbrand Æterbrand 6/10
Tempest Drive Color 7/10
No Stone Left Unturned The Experimental Playground 4/10
Devil's Tea Party Vol. 2 5/10
Tvivler EGO 8/10
SMADR Savl galore 4/10
CLIENTS A Callous Heart Rejects 8/10
Demersal Less 7/10
Odious Mortem Synesthesia 5/10
Colby Grayson Somebody 4/10
Zeup A Taste of Zeup 6/10
Jinjer Macro 7/10
Sort Montage Lyner dig ned 6/10
Dilapidating Mind EGO 4/10
Sonic Moon Usually I Don’t Care for Flowers 7/10
Auralist Between the Devil and the Sea 6/10
Rings Of Saturn Gidim 7/10
Alter Bridge Walk the Sky 8/10
Wednesday 13 Necrophaze 7/10
Red Forest Serpent 6/10
Emberray EMBERRAY 5/10
CRYOSPHERE Rebirth 5/10
Kyrant Fall Through Silence 3/10
Bound In Fear The Hand of Violence 6/10
Before Fire Before Fire 7/10
Quantum Solaris The Power of Greed 7/10
Rise Upon Break Me 5/10
Tempest Drive Hesitant Patience 6/10
Cyan Insane Out of My Way 4/10
Project Sapiens Here We Are 7/10
Any Given Day Overpower 6/10
Temporize Desolate 7/10
Devil's Tea Party Devil's Tea Party 6/10
Verdande Verdande 9/10
Hanging The Nihilist Crow 6/10
Kronic Tales From Underground 3/10
Soilwork Verkligheten 9/10
Landmvrks Fantasy 3/10
Unearth Extinction(s) 7/10
Embryo Europa 5/10
Deadnate Concrete Flood 8/10
Rise Of The Northstar The Legacy Of Shi 8/10
Sonic Moon In Orbit 7/10
Alkymist Alkymist 8/10
THE HIVE MIND Ghost Tapes 8/10
Dying Hydra Dying Hydra 7/10
Parasite Inc. Dead And Alive 6/10
Annisokay Arms 7/10
Killing Toxic Asylum 7/10
Among Phantoms Among Phantoms 7/10
Forest God Back to the Forest 5/10
Tremonti A Dying Machine 8/10
The Night Flight Orchestra Sometimes The World Ain't Enough 8/10
Blindheart WOLF 8/10
Between Oceans Oxymoron 6/10
Xettia Future Fades Away 6/10
Myles Kennedy Year Of The Tiger 8/10
Alkymist Element 8/10
Pudsige Herrer Syretesten 7/10
Everything is Terrible Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse 7/10
DTHRNR South Haven 8/10
Ballast Lygtemænd 3/10
Mother of All Secular Assault 10/10
Vulture Vibe Temptation 7/10
Nordsind Efterår 7/10
Capital of Nowhere A New Breed 7/10
Midrange Hollow Dimensions 7/10
IAmFire From Ashes 8/10
Before Fire Temper of Two 7/10
Comeback Kid Outsider 9/10
Dagoba Black Nova 8/10
Don't Try This Wireless Slaves 2/10
Mak'Vaerk Hard Rock Rebel 6/10
Anewrage Life-Related Symptoms 6/10
Royal Deceit Psalms for the Corrupt 7/10
Wrath of Belial Bloodstained Rebellion 6/10
Temporize Temporize 7/10
Svart Crown Abreaction 6/10
Broken Hope Mutilated and Assimilated 5/10
Decapitated Anticult 8/10
Lost Dreams Exhale 3/10
Polars Collide One to Rise 8/10
Kollapse Angst 7/10
The Night Flight Orchestra Amber Galactic 8/10
Wednesday 13 Condolences 8/10
afmagt den sidste kamp taber du alene 6/10
She Must Burn Grimoire 6/10
While She Sleeps You Are We 9/10
We the Moon rhea 8/10
Death To Seattle EP 8/10
Imminence This Is Goodbye 7/10
LET Musikalsk Malpraksis 5/10
Pyogenesis A Kingdom To Disappear 6/10
Tardive Dyskinesia Harmonic Confusion 4/10
Eden's Curse Cardinal 7/10
Magoa Imperial 8/10
Ion Dissonance Cast The First Stone 7/10
Kingbreaker To The Fire 6/10
Walking Dead on Broadway Slaves 4/10
Korn The Serenity of Suffering 8/10
Alter Bridge The Last Hero 10/10
Rivers Of Nihil Monarchy 4/10
Pit of Carnage The Rise Of The Fallen King 8/10
Crobot Welcome To Fat City 8/10
Meridian Breaking The Surface 8/10
Degradead Degradead 5/10
Devin Townsend Project Transcendence 8/10
Anewrage ANR 7/10
The Color Morale Desolate Divine 5/10
Black Swamp Water Chapter One 6/10
Attick Demons Let's Raise Hell 7/10
Imperium Titanomachy 9/10
Nothing Lies Beyond Fragile Reality 8/10
The Silent Low Under 5/10
Lacuna Coil Delirium 9/10
Diamond Head Diamond Head 8/10
WeaksaW The Wretched Of The Earth 7/10
Arise in Chaos Terminal Cognition 6/10
Scar Of The Sun In Flood 7/10
The Hypothesis Origin 8/10
The 69 Eyes Universal Monsters 8/10
Good Tiger A Headful Of Moonlight 8/10
Universal Mind Project The Jaguar Priest 6/10
Danger Zone Closer To Heaven 6/10
The Word Alive Dark Matter 7/10
American Head Charge Tango Umbrella 6/10
Filter Crazy Eyes 9/10
Poem Skein Syndrome 7/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Emilie Dybdal: 6,5

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