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Christian Søndergaards anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
The Last of Lucy Moksha 6/10
Embryonic Autopsy Prophecies Of The Conjoined 4/10
Dying Hydra Of Lowly Origin 7/10
U.D.O. Game Over 6/10
Rage Resurrection Day 7/10
Primitai Violence of the Skies 8/10
Witherfall The Curse of Autumn 5/10
Innersphere Omfalos 7/10
Korpiklaani Jylhä 6/10
The Ruins Of Beverast The Thule Grimoires 7/10
Pounder Breaking the World 5/10
Demoniac So it Goes 10/10
Conviction Conviction 6/10
Aethyrick Apotheosis 7/10
Grabunhold Heldentod 4/10
Kabbalah The Omen 7/10
Mongrels Cross Arcana, Scrying and Revelation 6/10
HJELVIK Welcome To Hel 4/10
Malicious Deranged Hexes 5/10
Undeath Lesions of a Different Kind 8/10
Iron Angel Emerald Eyes 4/10
Gorephilia In the Eye of Nothing 5/10
Lantern Dimensions 8/10
Ormskrik Ormskrik 7/10
Re-Armed Ignis Aeternum 4/10
Devangelic Ersetu 4/10
Horn Mohngang 7/10
Black Curse Endless Wound 6/10
Bütcher 666 Goats Carry My Chariot 7/10
Worm Gloomlord 6/10
Rage Wings of Rage 6/10
Gatecreeper Deserted 6/10
Jerkstore The Great Time Robbery 6/10
Blot & Bod Ormekongens Argelist 5/10
Foreshadower Foreshadower 6/10
Ì Myrkri Black Fortress of Solitude 4/10
Syreregn Cogito Ergo Sum 7/10
Idle Hands Mana 9/10
Kawir Adrasteia 4/10
Cianide Unhumanized 5/10
Haxandraok KI SI KIL UD DA KAR RA 6/10
Trajeto de Cabra Supreme Command of Satanic Will 8/10
Unfathomable Ruination Enraged And Unbound 7/10
LEAH Ancient Winter 7/10
Spoil Engine Renaissance Noire 5/10
Ignivomous Hieroglossia 6/10
Hadron Hadron 7/10
Aiwīgaz Unðergangaz/Múspellzheimr Split 7/10
Konkhra Alpha and the Omega 5/10
Apparatus Yonder Yawns the Universe 7/10
Esogenesi Esogenesi 5/10
Mister Misery Unalive 2/10
Entombed A.D. Bowels of Earth 6/10
Ereb Altor Järtecken 7/10
BAEST Venenum 8/10
Abythic Conjuring the Obscure 3/10
Crypt Sermon The Ruins of Fading Light 8/10
Isole Dystopia 5/10
Aviana Epicenter 4/10
Ironguard Towards Victory 5/10
Excuse Prophets From the Occultic Cosmos 8/10
Tomb Mold Planetary Clairvoyance 7/10
Soulline The Deep 6/10
Immortal Bird Thrive On Neglect 9/10
Lefutray Human Delusions 5/10
Turbocharged Above Lords, Below Earth 5/10
Entrapment Imminent Violent Death 6/10
Angel Black Killing Demons 4/10
NervoChaos Ablaze 3/10
Steel Prophet The God Machine 5/10
Systemhouse33 End of Days 4/10
Flub Flub 7/10
Humanart (Further) Into the Depths 4/10
Barbarian To No God Shall I Kneel 6/10
Death Angel Humanicide 7/10
Duel Valley Of Shadows 6/10
Savage Messiah Demons 5/10
Haunt If Icarus Could Fly 6/10
Tanagra Meridiem 7/10
Amber Tears When No Trails 5/10
Deiphago I, The Devil 2/10
Grand Magus Wolf God 4/10
Thornbridge Theatrical Masterpiece 6/10
Werian Animist 8/10
Witchcult Cantate of the Black Mass 7/10
The Ghost Next Door A Feast For The Sixth Sense 5/10
Diabolical Eclipse 7/10
Týr Hel 6/10
Overkill The Wings Of War 6/10
Helevorn Aamamata 8/10
Metal Inquisitor Panopticon 6/10
Vile Retribution Obedience 4/10
Hammer King Poseidon Will Carry Us Home 4/10
The Three Tremors The Three Tremors 5/10
Nailed To Obscurity Black Frost 7/10
Nekrofilth Worm Ritual 3/10
Selvans Faunalia 6/10
Faanefjell Dovrefall 5/10
Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands 5/10
Green Death Hallowmass 6/10
Gama Bomb Speed Between The Lines 7/10
LEAH The Quest 5/10
Negacy Escape From Paradise 5/10
Revocation The Outer Ones 7/10
Carnation Chapel of Abhorrence 7/10
Gory Blister 1991.Bloodstained 7/10
Witch King Voice of the Ossuary 4/10
Aspidium Manifestum 2/10
Satan Cruel Magic 9/10
Elvellon Until Dawn 5/10
U.D.O. Steelfactory 6/10
Our Mirage Lifeline 2/10
Redemption Long Night's Journey Into Day 6/10
Primitai The Calling 6/10
Pripjat Chain Reaction 5/10
Innersphere Amnesia 5/10
Ripe The Litany of Fantasy 3/10
Taphos Come Ethereal Somberness 8/10
Sadistik Forest Morbid Majesties 5/10
Uada Cult Of A Dying Sun 8/10
My Silent Wake There Was Death 6/10
Axel Rudi Pell Knights Call 3/10
Hell Obelisco Swamp Wizard Rises 4/10
Solstice White Horse Hill 6/10
Graveshadow Ambition's Price 7/10
Sinistro Sangue Cássia 7/10
Memoriam The Silent Vigil 6/10
Susperia The Lyricist 6/10
Primordial Exile Amongst The Ruins 5/10
Barren Earth A Complex of Cages 9/10
Crisix Against the Odds 7/10
Drudkh They Often See Dreams About The Spring 6/10
Judas Priest Firepower 7/10
Genocide Pact Order of Torment 4/10
Apostle of Solitude From Gold To Ash 5/10

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