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Patrick Krintel Johansens anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Sear Bliss Heavenly Down 6/10
Vorga Beyond the Palest Star 5/10
Skeletal Remains Fragments of the Ageless 8/10
Thy Shining Curse Theurgia 4/10
Carnal Savagery Into The Abysmal Void 6/10
Panzerchrist All Witches Shall Burn 7/10
Blodmåne Luctus 7/10
Plaguemace Reptilian Warlords 7/10
Sulphur Aeon Seven Crowns and Seven Seals 5/10
Cannibal Corpse Chaos Horrific 6/10
Panzerchrist Last Of A Kind 8/10
Vomitory All Heads Are Gonna Roll 7/10
NervoChaos Chthonic Wrath 5/10
Majesties Vast Reaches Unclaimed 9/10
Memoriam Rise To Power 4/10
Kampvogn Den Store Krig 8/10
Dream Unending Song of Salvation 5/10
Drudkh All Belong to the Night 6/10
Defleshed Grind over Matter 6/10
An Abstract Illusion Woe 10/10
Wayward Dawn All-Consuming Void 6/10
Blodmåne Inner Demons 8/10
Sickseed Goregeous 4/10
I Am The Night While The Gods Are Sleeping 8/10
Thorium Danmark 7/10
Freja Tides 6/10
Bhleg Fäghring 3/10
Dark Funeral We Are The Apokalypse 6/10
Slægt Goddess 8/10
Mystic Circle Mystic Circle 4/10
Kuolemanlaakso Kuusumu 4/10
Vorga Striving Toward Oblivion 8/10
Creeping Flesh ...And Then the Bombs Came 8/10

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