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Tommy Mikkelsens anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Orden Ogan The Order Of Fear 9/10
Lacuna Coil In A Reverie 7/10
Illdisposed In Chambers Of Sonic Disgust 4/10
SYL Afmagt 7/10
Evergrey Theories of Emptiness 5/10
Ira Tenax Dark Awakening 3/10
Withering Surface Exit Plan 8/10
Thus The Terminal Condition of Existence 7/10
Demersal Demersal 8/10
Reliqa Secrets of the Future 3/10
Unleash The Archers Phantoma 8/10
Anette Olzon Rapture 4/10
Strychnos Armageddon Patronage 6/10
Blazing Eternity A Certain End Of Everything 7/10
Omsorg Echoes 6/10
Fractal Gates One with Dawn 7/10
Crownshift Crownshift 7/10
Wheel Charismatic Leaders 8/10
P.O.D. Veritas 5/10
In Vain Solemn 9/10
Labyrinthus Stellarum Vortex of the Worlds 9/10
Words of Farewell Stories to Forget 7/10
Leaves' Eyes Myths of Fate 3/10
Dragonforce Warp Speed Warriors 3/10
Myrath Karma 8/10
Alterium Of War and Flames 3/10
Judas Priest Invincible Shield 8/10
Bruce Dickinson The Mandrake Project 8/10
Volcandra The Way of Ancients 5/10
Illumishade Another Side of You 7/10
Amaranthe The Catalyst 6/10
Dark Oath Ages of Man 8/10
Infected Rain Time 5/10
Vanir Epitome 7/10
Persefone Lingua Ignota: Part I 7/10
Caligula's Horse Charcoal Grace 6/10
Mea Culpa The Four Parts Of the Earth 8/10
Madder Mortem Old Eyes, New Heart 6/10
Disconnected Souls Fragments of Consciousness 2/10
The Neologist Between the Darkness and the Fade 8/10
Burden of Grief Destination Dystopia 7/10
Krallice Porous Resonance Abyss 2/10
Shylmagoghnar Convergence 9/10
Helga Wrapped in Mist 7/10
Kill Trip Sifting the Ashes 7/10
Morne Engraved with Pain 7/10
Till Lindemann Zunge 8/10
Of Virtue Omen 4/10
Graveyard 6 7/10
Within Temptation Bleed Out 8/10
Elegy of Madness XI 5/10
Sadistic Force Midnight Assassin 6/10
Haken Fauna 8/10
Of Mice & Men Tether 4/10
Megaherz In Teufels Namen 6/10
October Tide The Cancer Pledge 6/10
Staind Confessions of the Fallen 7/10
Oomph! Richter und Henker 6/10
Danko Jones Electric Sounds 4/10
Polaris Fatalism 9/10
Soen Memorial 7/10
Sylosis A Sign Of Things To Come 7/10
Lions at the Gate The Excuses We Cannot Make 5/10
Crypta Shades of Sorrow 5/10
Horrendous Ontological Mysterium 8/10
Orbit Culture Descent 8/10
Mammoth WVH Mammoth II 8/10
Cyhra The Vertigo Trigger 6/10
Sevendust Truth Killer 3/10
Carthus Images of Tyranny 5/10
Machinations of Fate Celestial Prophecies 8/10
Sleep Token Take Me Back to Eden 7/10

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