AnoxiA - A Lapdance for the Devil


AnoxiA - Promo (Demo)


AnoxiA - Melanchollision


AnoxiA - Kept In Sin (Demo)


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Dato Titel
Nyt fra AnoxiA
Dansk MeloMetal Grand Prix 2004

Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
AnoxiA, Evil
- Odense Metalfest 2022: Unleashed, Marduk, Born From Pain, LIK, Maceration, m.fl.
Deadnate, AnoxiA, Livedevil
- Tornvang Open Air 2022: AnoxiA, Archangel, Bad Business, Demolizer, Ethereal Kingdoms, m.fl.
- Metal Magic Festival 2022: Death SS, Carpathian Forest, Nifelheim, Heathen, Blaze Bayley, m.fl.
- Dark Mental Festival 2022: Sick Lore, Urkraft, AnoxiA, Eciton, Mother of All, m.fl.
Ross The Boss, AnoxiA, Wasted Aflyst
AnoxiA, DemonGrinder, Bonejammer
- Dark Mental Festival 2021: Sick Lore, Shadow Storm, Aon, Septic Congestion, Feather Mountain, m.fl. Aflyst
AnoxiA, Archangel, Ethereal Kingdoms Aflyst
Withering Surface, PitchBlack, AnoxiA
Lipid, Slowjoint, AnoxiA, Seizing Blackwater, Killing
- Tornvang Open Air 2020: AnoxiA, Shadowspawn, Demolizer, Archangel, Steel Inferno, m.fl. Aflyst
- Dark Mental Festival 2020: Den Saakaldte, Ethereal Darkness, Warfect, Septic Congestion, Wulfaz, m.fl. Aflyst
AnoxiA, Chronicle Aflyst
AnoxiA, Gurldörl, Summit, Sun Dog, Under the Blood Oak
- Fatter Escobar 2019: Magnified Eye, Pudsige Herrer, Deadnate, AnoxiA, Wulfaz, m.fl.
Chiro, AnoxiA
Metal For Change: Meridian, Frozen In Time, AnoxiA
AnoxiA, Shadowspawn, Stalker
Deus Otiosus, AnoxiA, Iniquity, Moonloop, Morbid Saint, Taake, Fall of Pantheon
Forcentury, AnoxiA
AnoxiA, Death Rides a Horse Lions & Barrels
- Metal Magic Festival 2011: Nifelheim, Gehennah, Panzerchrist, Glorior Belli , Procession, m.fl.
AnoxiA, Third Eye, Ripe
AnoxiA, Unbelief
AnoxiA, Unbelief
AnoxiA, Boil, Essence, Methonia, Chainfist Kultur- og Messecenter, Aars
AnoxiA Rosckstuen, Odense
Chainfist, AnoxiA, Starrats
Starrats, AnoxiA
AnoxiA, Memorial, Onslaught
Krokus, AnoxiA
Black Succubi, AnoxiA
Process, AnoxiA, Numbnuts
Mindmare, AnoxiA, Process
AnoxiA, Mindmare, Third Eye
Dying Day, Mindmare, AnoxiA, Third Eye, Symbolic, Mugshot
Third Eye, AnoxiA, Symbolic
AnoxiA, Symbolic
Lipid, AnoxiA
Mindmare, AnoxiA
AnoxiA, Brudevalsen
AnoxiA, Beyond Reality, Zenith Nakke Festival