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Dato Koncert
Earn Your Scars, Kill Trip, Hard Lessons

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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Gruesome, Deus Otiosus
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Dato Koncert
Lilithian, Crimson Burial, Son of a Pixel
Fanebærer, Kamp, Endless Glory
Heavy Bleeding, The Careless Drinkers, Stöj Snak
- Underwerket Støttefestival 2022: Rats Will Feast, Writhe, Terror 83, The Union Rags, Loose Ends, Bænch, Human Growth, Fumera, Pale Rider, Yu-Gun
Dare (US), Hypocrite, Questions
No Pressure, Sunami, Throwe, Violence Aflyst
Fredag den 13:e, Myteri, Vulvatorious
Abysmal Grief, Hands of Orlac
Wayward Dawn, Deception, Ruun
Death Before Dishonor, Circle Of Wolves Aflyst
Sordide, Neige Morte Aflyst
Violence, A Paradise. Aflyst
Los Fastidios, NEXØ, Systemfejl, Glöm Allt Aflyst
Invektiv, Social Decline, DECORTICATE, Rawheads
The Deadnotes, Halcyon Hope, The Deadly Sons
SYL, Lousit
Offernat, Kadavermarch
Dungeon Days, Bearwolf, In The Waves
Nyt Liv, Anti Ritual
Stormtroopers of Love, Rival Leaders, Social Belastning, Pleasure Squad
Daufødt, Slöa Knivar, The Lime Slices
Metal Magic i KBH: Power From Hell, Outlaw
Throwe, Telos, Rat Eater
Demersal, Omsorg, Meejah
- Underwerkets Støttefestival 2021: Hyrevognene, Bug Chaser, De Tunge Punge, ROT AWAY, Forever Unclean, Smertegrænsens Toldere, War of Destruction, The Lost Loves, Big Mess, Tvivler
Death Before Dishonor, Circle Of Wolves Aflyst
- Dark Mental Festival 2021: Sick Lore, Shadow Storm, Aon, Septic Congestion, Feather Mountain, Black Mass Pervertor, Randogrip, Dimhall, AnoxiA, Kurgan, Leach, Chronicle, Minority Sound, Social Addiction, Wolves Among Us, Eternal Lies, Warfect, Den Saakaldte, Mask Of Judas Aflyst
The Last Resort, Rival Leaders Aflyst
The Last Resort, Rival Leaders Aflyst
Lophius, Æterbrand, Saint Lazarus Aflyst
Lophius, Æterbrand, Saint Lazarus Aflyst
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
NEXØ, Arquebus
Subzero, Additional Time Aflyst
Death Before Dishonor, Circle Of Wolves Aflyst
Lophius, Æterbrand, Saint Lazarus Aflyst
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
- Dark Mental Festival 2020: Den Saakaldte, Ethereal Darkness, Warfect, Septic Congestion, Wulfaz, Aon, AnoxiA, Kurgan, Shadow Storm, Leach, Eternal Lies, Minority Sound, Feather Mountain, Randogrip, Wolves Among Us, Chronicle, Torn Visions, Sick Lore, Black Mass Pervertor, Dimhall, Mask Of Judas, Social Addiction Aflyst
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
Memoriam, Ascendency (DK)
Five the Hierophant, Pensées Nocturnes
Goat Semen, Sudden Death, Vomit Angel, Discipel
Frontierer, Arquebus, Throwe
Center Of The Earth, Dunkel
Shokran, Wings Denied, Hanging The Nihilist, Exelerate
Mass Worship, ROT AWAY, Red Forest
Los Fastidios, Social Decline
The Nilz, Existenz, The NimbWits
Rebuke, One Hidden Frame, Giftigt Avfall
Earn Your Scars, Hypocrite
- Murda Twinz Getdown Vol. 4: Negative Approach, Takers & Users, Become A Threat, Gatans Lag, Wisdom In Chains, CopWeaps, Poison Idea, D.I., RED ALERT, Knuckledust, Smertegrænsens Toldere, Cesspool
Gruesome, Demon Grinder, Toxaemia, Katla
Graf Orlock , Regarding Ambiguity, Michael Ellis
Dead Boys, Big Mess
The Dwarves, The Dahmers
High Priestess, Cities of Mars, Lucid Grave
- Dark Mental Festival 2019: Sarkrista, Khroma, Wasted, Wayward Dawn, Revenge Prevails, Moribund Oblivion, Crocell, Chronicle, Grafjammer, Faithful Darkness, Thyrgrim, Evil, Blodhemn, Djevelkult, Nonexist, Eciton, Pectora, Demolizer, Saxtorph, Nord, Mental Coma, Medeia
Alternate Action, Stokes CPH, Circle Of Wolves
The Queers, Fall Back Down, Dungeon Days
Vile Creature, Aseethe, (0)
King Witch, KOLOS
Richie Ramone, Chaos Commute, The NimbWits
War of Destruction, Razor Blades, Ond Tro, Direct Youth
UK SUBS, Trench
Fixed Fight, King Carrot, Death To Seattle
Nekrokraft, Katla
- Murda Twinz Getdown Vol. 3: The Restarts, Pleasure Squad, Infa Riot, Acidez
- Dark Mental Festival 2018: Steel Inferno, Downfall, Black Succubi, Iron Fire, Silent Fracture, Kurgan, Frozen Realm, Magenta Harvest, Eciton, Khroma, Moonloop, Torment (dk), Deadflesh, Genfærd, Bulletsize, Heidra, Theory
Wode, Molok
- The Grindcore Family weekend 2017: Attack Of Rage, Alea Iacta Est, Ape Unit, Bricanyl Turbuhaler, Brutal Sphincter, Controlled Existence, Extended Suicide, Grid, Guyana Death Tape, Piss Vortex, Taste The Floor
Silent Fracture
Arkless, Healing Powers
AnoxiA, Shadowspawn, Stalker
Rosetta, Hexis, Redwood Hill
Haltefanden, Shitlord
Luicidal, Lipid, X Teenage Rebels, Stokes CPH
Astpai, Timeshares
Stout, Bloodlands, Psych'd Out, Église
Ahna, Contorture, Plague Fiend
Scumbag Millionaire, Subhero, Garbage Day
Red Apollo, Whorls, Arakk
In the Hearts of Emperors, Ajuna, LLNN, Czar
Broadway Killers
Monachus, Walk Through Fire, No Fealty
Get In The Pit Fest 2014: Death Rides a Horse, Schizma,... - UnderWerket - 30. august 2014
Get In The Pit Fest 2014: Your Demise 2004, Ahna, Painted... - UnderWerket - 29. august 2014
Punch, Piss Vortex, Kluster Fuck - UnderWerket - 20. august 2014
Olde York, Full Of Hell, D.O.C., Hexis, No Fealty - UnderWerket - 6. juni 2014
The Vintage Caravan
Human Compost, Crematorium - UnderWerket - 3. december 2013
Scorpion Child
Totem Skin, Tengil, Preggy Punch - UnderWerket - 19. november 2013
Get In The Pit // UW HC FEST 2013: Celeste, The Arson Project... - UnderWerket - 7. september 2013
Get In The Pit // UW HC FEST 2013: Celeste, The Arson Project... - UnderWerket - 6. september 2013
Worth The Pain - UnderWerket - 10. august 2013
Märesvin, Katla, M.D.A., Preggy Punch, Solid Noise - UnderWerket - 26. juli 2013
Age Of Woe, Parasight, Simply The Sickest - UnderWerket - 12. juli 2013
Hävitys (Fin), Swarm (Århus), Green River Killer (Kbh), Solid... - UnderWerket - 26. april 2013
Threadfin, Smegma
Deadicated, Nembience, Billy Boy In Poison, Deadicated