Kansas City

Munkebjergvej 140
5230 Odense M


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Dato Koncert
Deadnate, Feather Mountain, Galge
Konvent, Wayward Dawn

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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Artillery, Dead Witch, Kill Trip, Arsenic Addict, Epofish
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Unbelief, Entombed, Artillery
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Swartzheim, Anarchy Zone, Destabilizer
Gurldörl, Under the Blood Oak, Awake The Lights, Taker, Fairyman
Odense Metalfest 2022 Warm Up: Blodrus, Hundred Year Old Man, The Grey, Todez
ORM, Offernat
Vader, Hate, Thy Disease, TakaLaiton, The Noctambulant
Red Warszawa
Nekromant, Mystery of Midnight
Natjager, SortHandsk
Artillery, Black Tritonus
Billy Boy In Poison, CLIENTS, Hanging The Nihilist
Sylvatica, Trold, Vansind
MØL, St. Digue
Svartsot, Vanir
Black Tritonus, Summit, Haunted Jazz, Fatal Image, Blodrus
Wayward Dawn, Deception, Ruun
The Boy That Got Away, Diplomatic Immunity
Discorpse, MITE, Plaguemace
Black Tritonus, Capital of Nowhere, Haunted Jazz, Fatal Image, Blodrus Aflyst
Situationsfornærmelse, [PSD]
Timechild, Hadron, Vintage Valley
MORK, Afsky
Skraeckoedlan, De Forbandede, Vestjysk Ørken
Billy Boy In Poison, Nothing Noble, Crown The Beast
Bite The Bullet, Mystery of Midnight
Deadnate, Nakkeknaekker, Sun Dog
Eyes, Riverhead, Kill Trip
Odd Palace, Totem, Under the Blood Oak
Lucer, Alone In Rome
Daze of June, MITE
CLIENTS, Terrorpy
Red Warszawa
Hadron, DemonGrinder, Gurldörl
Defecto x Thomas Hartmann: Defecto Aflyst
De Forbandede Aflyst
ORM Aflyst
Hadron, DemonGrinder, Rotten Ocean Aflyst
Crown The Beast, Terrorpy
Red Warszawa
Withering Surface, PitchBlack, AnoxiA
The Boy That Got Away, Son of Fortune
Katla, Throwe
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Defecto x Thomas Hartmann: Defecto Aflyst
Justify Rebellion Aflyst
Red Warszawa, Demolizer Aflyst
ORM, Katla Aflyst
Nervosa, Dead Witch
Svartsot, Nord
Konkhra, Arsenic Addict, Terrorpy
AnoxiA, Gurldörl, Summit, Sun Dog, Under the Blood Oak
Wasted, Lipid, Evil
Totem, Fusskalt, Thunderwhip
Illdisposed, GoatHawkBuffalo
Bite The Bullet, Fennec on Fire
Deadnate, Awake The Lights
Swindler, Murderbird, Danger of Men
Harmed, Verdande, Crown The Beast
- Pure Festival 2019: Arsenic Addict, Kill Trip, Black Tritonus, Artillery, Dead Witch Aflyst
Pectora, Meridian
Chronicle, Wayward Dawn, Royal Deceit
Red Warszawa
Thorium, Detest, Terrorpy
Iron Fire, Killing, Metal Cross
HateSphere, Livløs, Xenoblight
Junkyard Drive, Walking Rumor
Wolves Among Us, Beneath The Silence, Between Oceans, Auralist
Slægt, Dead Void, Tardus Mortem
Slowjoint, Totem, Tusmørkejuvel
Crown The Beast, Fennec on Fire
BAEST, I'll Be Damned, Ral.
Hell Comes Around III: Terrorpy, Crown The Beast, De Forbandede, Nord, Arsenic Addict, Skybreaker, Conspiracy in Blood, Black Tritonus, Gurldörl, Mindmare, When Water Runs Deep, Sun Dog
Pudsige Herrer
- Pure Festival 2018: Crown The Beast, Shred, Dead Witch
Summit, Heidra, Grimner
Red Warszawa, Xettia
Black Tritonus
Hamferð, Caustic, Nord
Undergang, Phrenelith, Deiquisitor, Taphos, Black Tritonus
Nord, Royal Deceit, Odd Palace
De Forbandede, Grusom, Silhuette
Impalers, Adversor, Deadflesh, Arsenic Addict
One Machine, Ghost Ship Octavius, Meridian
Annominus, The Vision Ablaze, When Water Runs Deep
Red Warszawa
- Castrensis, Detestation, Deus Otiosus, Fordærv, Demersal, Kyrant, Royal Deceit, Silhouette, Steel Inferno, Dirt Forge, Hadron, Hedron, Impalers, Wrath of Belial
Dirty Deeds, Master Of Puppets
Dawn Of Demise, BAEST
FOSSILS, Jet Black
Red Warszawa
Seven Thorns
The World State, Silhouette
When Water Runs Deep, Wolfram, Walking Rumor
Encyrcle, Slægt, Panofobia
Dirty Deeds, Master Of Puppets
Swindler, Ruined, National Heist
Red Warszawa
Annominus, End My Sorrow
Anubis Gate
Fall of Pantheon, Sylvatica
HateSphere, Blood Label
Red Warszawa
Mercenary, Essence
Corpus Mortale, Deus Otiosus, Dethrone
Forcentury, AnoxiA
Essence, Scarred by Beauty
Boil, Ironguard
Ripe, Battery, Supera Vitae
The Interbeing, Invisius
The Kandidate, Rising
The New Low, Numbnuts
Artillery, Third Eye
Spectral Mortuary, The Cleansing
Vanir, Huldre
Aphyxion, Contrition
Boil, The Interbeing, Siamese Fighting Fish
Red Warszawa
Invisius, HateSphere
The Kandidate
Trigger The Bloodshed
Threat Signal
New Keepers of the Water Towers, Plöw
Hatebreed, Unbelief, As We Fight, Warbringer, Third Eye
Disfear, Nine, Under Al Kritik - Kansas City - 21. maj 2009
Mercenary, Submission, Unbelief
Downswitch, Memorial, Megalomania 999, Hatred Conspiracy
The Hitchcocks, The 20belows, Last Mile
Crucifix, Blodarv, Vardlokkur
Metallica-jul med Master Of Puppets - Kansas City - 26. december 2008
Red Warszawa
Deuteronomium, Immortal Souls, Solace The Day - Kansas City - 7. december 2008
Vader, Grave, Zonaria
Illdisposed, Insicknia, Grimmthurs
The Psyke Project
The Burning
Thorium, The Burning, Gob Squad
Powderhog, L.A. Prostitutes, Krackerjack - Kansas City - 4. april 2008
Dawn Of Demise, Scamp
Megalomania 999
Dew-Scented, Severe Torture, Destinity, Spectral Mortuary
Chainfist, AnoxiA, Starrats
Master Of Puppets (Metallica tribute) - Kansas City - 26. december 2007
Indoctrination, Modra, Unbelief
Volbeat, The Downward Candidate
Koldborn, Dawn Of Demise
The Burning, Numbnuts, Pilgrimz
Megalomania 999