Metallica: Udgiver 27 live shows i én box

Metallica: Udgiver 27 live shows i én box

Metallica har gennem 10 år tilbudt mulighed for, at downloade alle deres koncerter - imod betaling.

Nu udgiver bandet en samlet box med hele.... 27 koncerter fra 2014. Det kan erhverves for beskedne $ 417 (omregnet ca. kr. 2.400,-)

Boxen indeholder 26 double-disc shows, + en single-disc kaldt "Metallica acoustic" - en koncert som optages den 05/12/14)

Men der vil også være mulighed for mindre... Bandet udtaler på hjemmesiden:
We've been extremely proud to offer virtually every show we've done in the past ten years as a download within days of the shows happening... sometimes even hours! Over the years we've been able to offer more download options adding HD audio and Apple lossless files to the mix, but we still get requests for the "old school" compact disc. To celebrate ten years of Live Metallica, we're going to make that happen! Starting today through the end of this year, every show that we've played in 2014 will be released on CD! We are gonna roll out three shows at a time on Mondays.

Hvis du er til vinyl er der også muligheder:
"And for you vinyl junkies, select shows will be released on limited-edition 180-gram vinyl early next year. And once again, we here at your friendly METALLICA HQ want your input as to which shows you would like to see on vinyl...

YOU choose from the 27 shows we've played this year by voting for your favs here. We'll take the top four that receive the most votes and press them up for you to order in early 2015. Voting will close on September 26.