Kadavar: Udgiver »Abra Kadavar Special Edition«

Kadavar: Udgiver »Abra Kadavar Special Edition«

Det tyske vintage classic rock band Kadavar udgiver »Abra Kadavar« i en special Edition som vil indeholde en dobbelt CD, bestående af albummet og en liveoptagelse fra Antwerpen.

Bandet fortæller selv om den kommende udgivelse: „With over 250 shows played, we have always considered ourselves as an absolute live band. Our sound on stage is different from the one on the studio albums and thus we’ve been asked time and again, why we don’t do a live release.

The time seemed right now and on our last EU tour we recorded some of the shows. Antwerp was the best of them. I would even say one of the best in 2013. Everything was right, people were in a great mood and I am very happy with the sound – especially since it does not sound like every other live album!"

»Abra Kadavar Special Edition« og »Live In Antwerp« udkommer den 6. juni via Nuclear Blast.


01. Come Back Life
02. Doomsday Machine
03. Eye Of The Storm
04. Black Snake
05. Dust
06. Fire
07. Liquid Dream
08. Rhythm For Endless Minds
09. Abra Kadabra
10. The Man I Shot

01. All Our Thoughts
02. Living In Your Head
03. Doomsday Machine
04. Black Sun
05. Eye Of The Storm
06. Broken Wings
07. Come Back Life
08. Purple Sage
09. Creature Of The Demon
10. Goddess Of Dawn
11. Forgotten Past