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Kommende arrangementer

Dato Koncert
- Odense Metalfest 2023: No Turning Back, Ryker's, HateSphere, Withering Surface, Chronicle, Demolizer, Hard Lessons, Blodrus
The Materia, Natjager, Awake The Lights
Afsky, Uada
Joe Satriani
Illdisposed, Vanir, Defacing God, Heidra

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Cradle of Filth, Moonspell
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The Dillinger Escape Plan
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Konkhra, Origin, Blood Tsunami, Spectral Mortuary, Phantomizer
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Mindmare, Raunchy
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Sickseed, 2 Ton Predator, Megalomania 999
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Fingerspitzengefühl, The Psyke Project, MCIP, Plök
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Macabre, Usipian
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
HXC OVER HCA #2: Dagger Threat, Hearteater, Omsorg, Sickseed, Terrorpy
Prime is Coming 2023: Aphyxion, Ghost Iris, The Interbeing, Royal Deceit, SortHandsk, Hanging The Nihilist
Cabal, MITE, Blodrus
Iotunn, Lamentari, Mother of All
BAEST, Dawn Of Demise, Nakkeknaekker
The Hellacopters, The Datsuns Aflyst
RED, Keith Wallen
- Odense Metalfest 2022: Unleashed, Marduk, Born From Pain, LIK, Maceration, Dead Head, Puteraeon, Needless, Turbocharged, Archaic, Earn Your Scars, Killing, Urkraft, AnoxiA, Arsenic Addict, Crown The Beast, MITE, Tardus Mortem, Terrorpy, Black Tritonus
Walking Rumor, Shred, Alone In Rome
ROT AWAY, Lifesick, Nyt Liv, NEXØ, MITE
ROT AWAY, Lifesick, MITE, Nyt Liv, SLET DET
Terrorpy, ÊTRE, Persecutor
Urkraft, Archangel, Tardus Mortem
Skagarack, Tempest Drive
Konvent, Solbrud, Livløs, (0)
Joe Satriani Aflyst
Skullclub, X Teenage Rebels
Prime is Coming 2022: Siamese, Cabal, Defecto, Cold Night for Alligators, Unseen Faith, Lifesick, Between Oceans, Nothing Noble
RED Aflyst
Lucifer, Year of the Goat Aflyst
Illdisposed, Vanir, Defacing God, Heidra Aflyst
ROT AWAY, Lifesick, MITE Aflyst
Skullclub Aflyst
Bhaal Fest XII: Vansind, Warbell Aflyst
Bersærk, Totem
Soen, Port Noir, Oceanhoarse
ORM, Terminalist, Mother of All
Shotgun Revolution
Bhaal Fest XI: Zornheym, The Vice, Demolizer
RED Aflyst
BAEST, Katla
Ghost Iris, Feather Mountain
The Entrepreneurs, Bersærk, Cabal
Jesper Binzer
Bhaal Fest X: Artillery, We Are Among Storms, Epofish
UHØRT 2021: Telos
Joe Satriani Aflyst
Soen Aflyst
BAEST, Katla Aflyst
Bersærk Aflyst
Ghost Iris, Feather Mountain Aflyst
Lucifer, Year of the Goat Aflyst
Arsenic Addict, Deadnate, Persecutor Aflyst
Hämatom, Null Positiv, Böse Fuchs & Sly Aflyst
Bhaal Fest: Magis Diaboli: Xenoblight, Kurgan, Arsenic Addict, Eciton, The Druid
Livløs, Dirt Forge, Cabal
Deadnate, Death To Seattle, Arsenic Addict Aflyst
Lucifer, Year of the Goat Aflyst
WOA Metal Battle 2020: TBA Aflyst
Dead Witch, Deadnate, Death To Seattle Aflyst
Manticora, A Devil's Bargain, Awake The Lights Aflyst
Joe Satriani Aflyst
Hammerfall, Dragonforce Aflyst
Junkyard Drive, Walking Rumor Aflyst
Søren Andersen
BAEST, Xenoblight
Siamese, Odd Palace, South Haven
Electric Guitars
Joey DeMaio
Vomit Angel, Fordærv, Black Tritonus
Gåte, Sorten Muld
Shotgun Revolution, Rene Shades
Motorpsycho, Fennec on Fire
Aphyxion, Hearteater, Crown The Beast
WOA Metal Battle 2019: Polars Collide, Verdande, Arsenic Addict, Molok
Walking Rumor
Nazareth, Worry Blast, Formosa
Spidergawd, Viva La Wolfe
MØL, Cabal
Nyt Blod Vol. 10: Halcyon Hope, Tainted Lady, Mawic
Grusom, De Forbandede, Thunderwhip, Dying Hydra
Hamferð, Svartmálm
Artillery, Xenoblight, Crown The Beast
Illdisposed, Spitanger, 9000 John Doe
The Boy That Got Away
Caro, Ferocity
Shadowspawn, Caro, Ferocity
Theory, Encyrcle, Nord
Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge
Bersærk, De Forbandede, Ondt Blod
Anubis Gate, Dead Witch, Ethereal Kingdoms
The Interbeing, Livløs, Billy Boy In Poison
Defecto, Electric Hellride
Sea, Grusom
Prime is Coming: Defecto, Aphyxion, Siamese, I'll Be Damned, Cabal, MØL, Unseen Faith, Daycare For Jedi, Prevail, Odd Palace, Daze of June
Chili Machine
Back In Black
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Ghost Iris
Skullclub, Grumpynators
Filii Nigrantium Infernalum, Shamash
Narcosatanicos, Døde Blomster, Capital of Nowhere
Mike Tramp
Bethmoora, Lewd Flesh, Totem
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons
Crocell, Crown The Beast, Obscure Carnage
Fejd, Huldre, Sylvatica, Phrenelith
Glenn Hughes, Stone Broken
Spitanger, BAEST
PRIME IS COMING: Defecto, Cabal, Cold Night for Alligators, Sons Of Death Valley, Siamese, MØL, Halcyon Hope, Daycare For Jedi, Unseen Faith, EVRA
Artillery, Caro, Deadflesh
Saxon, Girlschool
Red Fang, Torche
Helhorse, Grusom
Bersærk, Dirt Forge, Grusom, Slowjoint
Bersærk, Dirt Forge, Grusom, Slowjoint
Rammstein Jam
Led Zeppelin Jam
Keep Of Kalessin, Vreid, Vredehammer
Black Label Society
Cryptopsy, Blood Red Throne
Negură Bunget, Grimegod, Moribund Oblivion
Freak Kitchen
9000 John Doe, Encyrcle, Vallis Mortem
Huldre, Asynje, Virelai, Krauka
Lucer, Sea, The Boy That Got Away
Inquisition, Archgoat, Ondskapt, Blackdeath
Vanir, Gurldörl
Nick Oliveri
Lipid, Mindmare
Death Comes Pale, Texas Cakewalk, Defilementory - Posten - 8. marts 2014
Back In Black - Posten - 6. december 2013
Pretty Maids
Iniquity, Crocell
Bleed From Within, Polar
By the Patient, Electric Hellride
Sort Sol - Posten - 19. april 2013
Thin Lizzy
Archgoat - Posten - 20. oktober 2012
Artillery, Mercenary
The Haunted
AnoxiA, Third Eye, Ripe
Invocator, Raunchy, The Burning
Mustasch, Karma Cowboys
Compos Mentis, Scamp
Uriah Heep
Soulfly, Incite
Raunchy, Pilgrimz, Last Mile
Mnemic, The Psyke Project, As We Fight
Red Warszawa
The Royal Highness
Fear My Thoughts, Mercenary, Lipid
Volbeat, Anomaly
Master of Puppets - Posten - 26. december 2005
Freak Kitchen
Mercenary, Urkraft, Third Eye, Methonia
Volbeat, Slugs, Magnified Eye
Red Warszawa - Posten - 13. maj 2005
Raunchy, Mindmare
Exmortem, Horned Almighty, Strychnos, Victimizer
Fairytale Abuse, Koldborn
Dansk Metal Grandprix 2005 - indledende runde - Posten - 7. januar 2005
Master Of Puppets - Posten - 26. december 2004
Fall From Grace
Corpus Mortale, Usipian, Mindmare, Spectral Mortuary
Stomped, Melted
Red Warszawa
HateSphere, As We Fight
HateSphere, Mnemic, Mevadio
Invocator, Mercenary
Urkraft, Morfeus
Red Warszawa
Stomped, Maroon
The Haunted, HateSphere, Mastodon
Ganglion (N), Thrive (US), Lokal overraskelse - Posten - 19. marts 2003
Freak Kitchen
Red Warszawa