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6700 Esbjerg


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Dato Koncert
BAEST, Dawn Of Demise, Nakkeknaekker

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Verdande, Crown The Beast, Arostice
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Helhorse, By the Patient, Solbrud
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Electric Hellride, By the Patient
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Pro-Pain, Hard Lessons
Seizing Blackwater, Shatterer
Lipid, Persecutor, Demolizer
HateSphere, HELGE
Withering Surface Aflyst
Red Warszawa
Seizing Blackwater, Shatterer Aflyst
Nordsind, Foreshadower
Withering Surface Aflyst
Killing, Olm, Discorpse, Plaguemace
Demersal, Omsorg
RIOT SUN, Before Fire, Rise Upon
Henkiller, De Frigjorte Aflyst
Mirror To The Moon, Skin Tuxedo Aflyst
Killing, Fordærv, Archangel Aflyst
Red Warszawa
Konvent, 7ATEM
Illdisposed, Silent Fracture, Wayward Dawn
Cor Vacante
Artillery, Helhorse, A Devil's Bargain
Crocell, Killing Gandhi, Arostice
Haze of Society, Downfallen Angels
Agnostic Front, Meridian
Vulture Industries, Helheim, Madder Mortem, Caelestia
HateSphere, Livløs, Xenoblight
Diplomatic Immunity, Sparkhouse, 7ATEM
Red Warszawa, Demolizer
Sons of Cain
Billy Boy In Poison Aflyst
Grusom, Verdande, Rise Upon
Thunderwhip, Stone Cadaver
WOA Metal Battle 2018: Nordsind, Isbjörg, Beneath The Silence, Deadflesh
Crocell, Ferocity, Wrath of Belial
Immolation, Full Of Hell, Monument Of Misanthropy
Metal For Change: Meridian, Frozen In Time, AnoxiA
Prime is Coming: Aphyxion, Defecto, Siamese, MØL, Cabal, Unseen Faith, Daycare For Jedi, Prevail, Odd Palace, Daze of June
Red Warszawa, Xettia
Dr. Living Dead
Artillery, Iotunn
Caustic, Konvent, Dead Witch
One Machine, Meridian
Dawn Of Demise
Cryptopsy, The Tombless
Crowbar, Thunderwhip
Lipid, Detest
Halshug, Slægt
One Machine, Ghost Ship Octavius, Meridian
Aphyxion, MØL
Impalers, BAEST, Spitanger
Red Warszawa
The Petulant, Cor Vacante, Thunderwhip
Blood Red Throne, Deadflesh, Six String Slaughter
Meridian, Savage Machine, Stormbringers
Horned Almighty, Satanic Assault Division, Genfærd
Maiden Aalborg
Crocell, Impalers
WOA Metal Battle: Aphyxion, Huldre, Phoebus Cartel, Contrition, Embryo, Prevail
Maiden Aalborg, Non Divide
Meridian, Velociter
Aborted, Origin, Exhumed, Miasmal
Maiden Aalborg, Non Divide
Inbreeding Rednecks, Billy Boy In Poison
Dawn Of Demise, Corpus Mortale, Deus Otiosus, Ferocity
Aphyxion, Blood Label
Andromeda, Damnation Angels, Until Rain
Manticora, F.K.Ü.
Empire Drowns
Essence, Scarred by Beauty
Scarred by Beauty