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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Prime is Coming 2020: MØL, The Interbeing, Aphyxion, Tainted Lady, Cartographs, South Haven, The Vision Ablaze
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Dato Koncert
Vestjysk Ørken, Pudsige Herrer, De Forbandede Aflyst
Helhorse, Ivy Crown, Disrule
Prime is Coming: Aphyxion, I'll Be Damned, Siamese, Sons Of Death Valley, MØL, Cabal, Unseen Faith, Daycare For Jedi, Odd Palace, Daze of June
IAmFire, Stone Cadaver, Hjortene
Prevail, Wrath of Belial, Crown The Beast
Poisoner, Velociter , Persecutor
Death Comes Pale, Defilementory
All Trays For Venom
Dawn Of Demise, Corpus Mortale, Deus Otiosus, Ferocity
Blood Label, Aphyxion
By the Patient, Helhorse
Raunchy, But We Try It
Vanir, Ironguard
The Interbeing, Invisius, 100 Knives Inside
Crocell, Blood Label
Scarred by Beauty, By the Patient, Essence
Invisius, Blood Label
Gorgoroth, Enthroned, Koldborn, Nox
Aborted, Behemoth, Kataklysm, Lyfthrasyr
Mercenary, Invocator, Compos Mentis
Dawn Of Demise, As We Fight
Necrophagist, Origin, Misery Index
Illdisposed, Sickseed, Koldborn
Compos Mentis, The Arcane Order, Decadence