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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Crocell, BAEST, Prevail, Wrath of Belial
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- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2017: Sunless Dawn, Rising, Cabal, Iotunn, Hola Ghost, UxDxS, SKOGEN Læs reportage

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Dato Koncert
Mono Goes Metal Fest 2022: Solbrud, Ferocity, Brunsten, Plaguemace, Swartzheim, Big Game Hunter, SKRAEK
Death to Aarhus vol. 5: Fordærv, Farlige Typer, Death To Seattle
Monorama Rocks 2022: Advocacy, Mak'Vaerk, Tempest Drive, Big Game Hunter
HELGE, Arkæon
Crocell, Killing, Polars Collide
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2021: Among Phantoms, Bloodgutter, Bonejammer, Heave Blood & Die, Sneglefeber, Altar of Oblivion, Vansind, Svartsot, Killing, Avarice, Arkæon
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2021: Sneglefeber, Nyrst, Caro, Among Phantoms, Bloodgutter, Heave Blood & Die Aflyst
Søren Andersen Aflyst
Death to Aarhus Vol. V: Death To Seattle, Fordærv, Cor Vacante, Arsenic Addict, Farlige Typer Aflyst
Søren Andersen Aflyst
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2020: Chronicle, Mindripper, ROT AWAY, Urkraft, Kampvogn, NVLVS, Herezy, Afsky, The Powergloves, The Petulant, Vomit Angel
Monorama Rocks 2019: Seizing Blackwater, Inbetween Days, Montezuma, NOOR, Poastman, Nødblus, Mindripper, Wegogo, Baseløs, Advocacy
Death to Aarhus vol. IV: Death To Seattle, Katla, Pudsige Herrer, Galge, Fixed Fight
Death to Aarhus Vol. 3: Smertegrænsens Toldere, Crocell, Death To Seattle, Persecutor, Polars Collide, Daycare For Jedi
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2019: Chaotian, Pectora, Deadnate, Horned Almighty, Alkymist, Junkyard Drive, Crocell, Rising, Mother of All, Wayward Dawn, Deadflesh, Ral., Demon Grinder, Wulfaz
Monorama Rocks 2018: Advocacy, Càninus, Mak'Vaerk, Seizing Blackwater
Wayward Dawn, Isbjörg, Vulture Vibe
Death To Seattle, Wrath of Belial, Among Phantoms, Heroes 2 None, Farlige Typer, Olm
- Mono Goes Metal Festival: Grift, Teleport, Smertegrænsens Toldere, Taphos, Golden Core, Stalker, Saxtorph, Dirt Forge, Konvent, Impalers, The Surfing Henchmen, Archives of Alaska
Morild, Seed of Heresy, Xenoblight, NP At The Banishing Point
Sickseed, Death To Seattle, Wrath of Belial, Pudsige Herrer, Torment
Caro, Phrenelith, Telos, Hadron
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2016: Death Rides a Horse, Cor Vacante, Expatriated, Beyond the 9th, Seed of Heresy, By the Patient, Sorrows Path , Serpents Lair
The Arcane Order, Église, MØL, The Tombless
- Mono Goes Metal 2015: Pet the Preacher, Iniquity, Huldre, All Trays For Venom, Seven Thorns, The Powergloves, FOSSILS, Silhuette, Smothered
Solbrud, Drab
Battery, Velociter
Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Crocell, Eldjudnir, Vanir,...: Eldjudnir, Vanir
Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Chainsaw Fisting,...: Mono Goes Metal Festival 2014: Chainsaw Fisting,...
Glorior Belli , Impalers, Huldre
Die, Disintegrated, Abscission
Corpus Mortale, Altar of Oblivion, Die, FOSSILS, Ironguard, Battery
Spectral Mortuary, Cold Night for Alligators
Boil, Errorgod
Fairytale Abuse
1994Revisited, Curb - Monorama - 6. februar 2009
Scamp, Crocell, Die, Pariah Syndicate, Errorgod, All Trays For Venom