Lygten Station

Lygten 2
2400 København NV


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Soen, LizZard, Pinchbeck
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Dato Koncert
S.L.E.M. 2023: Beneath The Silence, Hadron, Nicolaj Jul
S.L.E.M. 2021: Wulfaz, Vansind
Demolizer, Killing, Mortal Dread, Kurgan, A Blind Machine Aflyst
S.L.E.M. 2019: Cartographs, Xenoblight, Christian Hede
MAD Night Vol. 4: Daze of June, Beneath The Silence, Fixed Fight
Glöggten Station Dag 2: Spitanger, Deadnate, Death To Seattle, RIOT SUN
Glöggten Station Dag 1: Cabal, Everything is Terrible, Hanging The Nihilist
From North, Nord, Pectora, Shadowspawn
Slowjoint, Gaia, Drukner, From The Caves
Black Oak County, Sons Of Death Valley, Psycho Brahe
Swindler, Fusskalt
Battery, Impalers, Mental Coma, Poisoner
Jinjer, The Vision Ablaze
Turbocharged, Wasted
Jack in the Middle, Redwolves, Dear Delusion, Stonebird
Dirt Forge, Gaia, Cacus, Slowjoint
Psy:code, Anime Toment, Oddism, Methods of Massacre
Svartsot, Vanir, Meliae
Prevail, Scientic, Enchiridion, Inacave
Corpus Mortale, Deus Otiosus, Eciton
Crocell, 9000 John Doe
Black Book Lodge, Cafafogo
Dead Man's Hand, Mala Costumbre, Junkyard Drive, Cosmic Blackburst
Blastroid, La Mesa De Los Muertos, Tyran
Loud 'N' Rowdy, Zoo Me Now, Flame On
Cave Head, Disrule, Cosmic Blackburst, Stone Cadaver
Barricade, Empire of Doom, Dirt Forge, Fatal Fury
Torment (dk), Forever Unclean, King Carrot, Them Bailers
Hearteater, Iotunn
The Vision Ablaze, Sons Of Death Valley, Impalers, Velociter
Killing Gandhi, Odonata
Artillery, Mainpoint
Broken Hand Charity
Stream City, Ghost Iris
Crocell, Impalers, KForKill, Atrophy
Inferior, Scortum, Inacave, Pataus
Statement, Hell City
Swindler, Diretone, Kill The Messenger
Ciccone Ritchie, Dear Delusion, The Kamshaft
Phoebus Cartel, Puppet Arms, Losing Must, Exelerate
9000 John Doe, Among Wolves, Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge
Spoil, Mala Costumbre
Corpus Mortale, Blood Label, Roarback, Heidra
Billy Boy In Poison, Contrition, Embracing Sickness, Age Of Torment
Snakebite, Redwolves, Delayed Reflections
White Trash Presidents, Junkyard Drive, Black Station
Lucer, Sea, Red Sky Wizard
Chainfist, Wasted, Release Maltese Falcon
Saint Rebel
Anubis Gate, Black Succubi, Seven Thorns
Genkhi, Moonranger, Maelströem
Diamond Drive
Grumpynators, Dog In a Bag, Carbon Rail System - Lygten Station - 20. september 2014
Malrun, Steel Inferno
Franklin Zoo, Lucer, Machine - Lygten Station - 5. september 2014
Dawn Of Demise, Corpus Mortale, Deus Otiosus, Ferocity
Siamese Fighting Fish
Electric Hellride
Vanir, Barricade
Cold Night for Alligators
Seven Thorns
Fall of Pantheon
Illnath, Hatebanger
PitchBlack, Roarback
Psy:code, Contrition
Billy Boy In Poison
The Cleansing
Trusted Few
Numbnuts, Sizewear
Dawn Of Demise
Metalfest: Wasteland Skills, What Worms Inherit, Kforkill,... - Lygten Station - 3. maj 2013
Wasteland Skills, What Worms Inherit, Kforkill - Lygten Station - 3. maj 2013
Dear Delusion
Corpus Mortale, Billy Boy In Poison