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Dato Koncert
Diretone, Thunder And Lightning, Gods Among Machines
God Mother
Billy Club Sandwich, Dropset
- Murda Twinz Getdown Vol. 2: Total Chaos, Control Hooligan Rock N Roll, St.Hood, Lawgiver, Heroes 2 None, X Teenage Rebels, Discharge, Stalag 13 Band, Unofficial: KNOW, The Suburbs, Ond Tro, Lifesick, Hypocrite
Grieved, Telos, TRWLR
City Of Caterpillar, Harasser
- Dark Mental Festival 2017: Order, Livløs, Annominus, Inferior, Stalker, Wrang, Encyrcle, Caro, Impalers, Svarta, Sunless Dawn, Myrd, Konvent, Pectora, Barricade, IXXI, Dreich, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man, Weltschmerz, Faithful Darkness
Turnover, Sorority Noise, Alpha Male
Graf Orlock , Ghostlimb, Painted Wolves, Woes
Grieved, Road to Manila, JustinHate, Northern Blues
Centuries, Wrong, JustinHate
Rising, Förtress, Slægt, Kristian Harting
Czar, Metal Cross, Prevail, The Kandidate, Wasted
Artillery, Empire Drowns, Clonecircle
Mercenary, Malrun
Clonecircle, Prevail
Illdisposed, Clonecircle, Fairytale Abuse, 6 Degrees
Mercenary, Clonecircle, Svartsot, Broadmoor, End My Sorrow
ALooP, Svartsot, Clonecircle